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Jessie and Fola Ladipo


Jessie Ladipo

My name is Jessie Ladipo, and I own Trips to Cherish with my husband, Fola.

To say that I took the long road to get to where I was meant to be is an understatement. My father was in the army, so I grew up traveling and exploring, and I have always had a deep passion for learning about new cultures. But I didn’t pursue a career in travel…I didn’t even know that could be an option. 


Instead, I went to nursing school. And I spent 7 wonderful years traveling the globe and delivering babies as a travel nurse. (Again, travel comes up…really the universe was trying to tell me something and I wasn’t listening) I delivered over 9000 babies during my nursing career. And I was able to explore the corners of the globe at the same time.


Luckily, I met and married a wonderful man who shares my love of adventure and exploring. I had to give up travel nursing when we got married, so I took a job at a local hospital. Everything was wonderful except we had trouble getting pregnant and staying pregnant. When I finally became pregnant with our first child, I was determined to do a romantic babymoon. But 6 months pregnant and working full time, didn’t leave much room for planning. So, we went to a travel agent. Unfortunately, it was an incredibly frustrating experience. The agent kept presenting one cookie cutter experience after another. None of her suggestions met our needs. No matter how many times I said that I prefer historical and quirky to party and beach, it didn’t seem to get through to her. I ended up planning the trip myself.


I was very disheartened, but out of my disillusionment Trips to Cherish was born! I knew I could turn my love of travel, planning, and logistics into unforgettable travel experiences not just for me but for everyone. I knew that I could give people flawlessly planned getaways that exceeded their desires. Trips to Cherish exists for one reason: to make sure that each and every trip you take is perfect for you!


I work in a collaborative fashion with clients, therefore I both want and need your feedback. If I send you hotels, destinations, tours you don’t love, tell me. I will start over heading in a new direction. We will continue to rework and revise your itinerary until you absolutely love it. If it takes as long as it takes. Your voice will always be heard!


I have been helping people in love: dream, discover and explore the world together since 2011. My focus is on helping our clients fulfill their romantic dreams no matter what their stage of life. I will help you to Explore Together & Grow Together from your honeymoon to their 50th Anniversary, and every trip in between!


It took me a long time to get to this place in life, but I now know that my winding journey led me to exactly where I was always meant to be. I look forward to helping you find where you are meant to be.


I can’t wait to get started helping you plan a trip that you will truly cherish.


Fola Ladipo

Hi. I guess you could say my love of travel is born out of the many wonderful experiences of a life full of travel. I was born in London, England, and grew up in London and in Ibadan, Nigeria. I came to the US as a student in the eighties and obtained a Ph.D. degree in chemistry. I have traveled extensively in Europe, North America, and Africa. You could say that travel has truly been awesome to me since it led me to my wonderful wife and partner, Jessie. We found that we both love traveling, discovering new places, meeting and learning about new people and cultures. We also found that we are very particular about the type of experience we want to share. In fact, frustration with working on trips with some not-so-inspired travel planners led us to take over the planning of our own trips, and ultimately to starting Trips To Cherish. We understand that you are trusting us with your vacation dreams and hard-earned money when you work with us, we therefore do everything possible to deliver the stress-free vacation experience, customized to your wants and needs, that you deserve. We look forward to working with you!

Jessica and Fola Ladipo


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