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The beautiful Caribbean island of St. Lucia is known for its pristine palm-fringed beaches, majestic Piton Mountains, and lush rainforest dotted with waterfalls. St. Lucia’s charm is further reinforced by its authentic Creole culture, reflected by the spicy cuisine, music, and laid-back attitude.


Best Time of Year to Visit

St. Lucia has a moderate, warm climate throughout the year. December-April is the ideal time to visit temperature-wise. However, January-June is the best time for dry weather and sunshine. 

Essential Experiences

  • Piton mountains 

  • Sulphur Springs (try mud-bathing)

  • Pigeon Island National Park 

  • Castries market 

  • The former French port of Soufrière

  • Marigot Bay and Gros Isle


Practical Information

  • Language: English

  • Electric: 240 V Type G plug

  • Currency: Eastern Caribbean (EC) dollar; US dollars are widely accepted but you'll normally be given change in EC dollars

  • Passport is required

beach resort


  • Enjoy a couple’s massage and spa day

  • Meander through the Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens in Soufrière 

  • Go horseback riding on the beach

  • Bathe in the mineral-rich waters of the Sulphur Springs in Soufrière to detoxify, heal, restore, tighten, and smooth your skin.

  • Watch the sunset between the iconic Pitons

  • Rent a Yacht from Get My Boat and Cruise along St. Lucia’s magnificent coastline, and to Martinique or St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

  • Visit a historic plantation or two

  • Zip through the Rainforest



Tahiti and her islands, with pristine black-sand beaches, lagoons, waterfalls, and balmy weather, are the perfect “Fantasy Island” destination for couples looking for a romantic and adventure-filled escape from the daily bustle of modern life, perfect for an anniversary or honeymoon. Spend carefree days snorkeling and scuba diving, or swimming side-by-side with turtles and manta rays. Sample fine dining with French and South Pacific influences, and relax in accommodations ranging from exquisite beachside resorts to intimate overwater bungalows. 


Best Time of Year to Visit

Tahiti enjoys a pleasant, balmy climate year-round with cool breezes at night. However, May through October brings less rain and pleasant temperatures while November through April can be quite hot, humid, and rainy.


Essential Experiences

  • Take a walking tour of Old Papeete

  • Discover the wide, calm lagoon by outrigger canoe, glass-bottom boat, parasail, windsurf, kayak, or jet ski

  • Bora Bora - Experience one of the many Polynesian shows and see the beachside performances of the dramatic Fire Dance

  • Moorea - Look for art and handcrafts at art galleries and artisan workshops where you'll find treasures made only in Moorea

  • Circle Bora Bora by Boat

  • Bora Bora - Take sail in a catamaran for a sunset cruise accompanied by local musicians and dancers


Practical Information

  • Language: The official languages of Tahiti are French and Tahitian. However, many people do speak English.

  • Electric: Although Tahiti uses North American sockets, the sockets are not required to be polarized. Since devices such as laptops have a polarized plug with one prong wider than the other, you will still need an adapter to use your plug in Tahiti.

  • Currency: The currency used in The Islands of Tahiti is the Pacific Franc (CFP). However, all legal currencies and international credit cards are accepted. The international banks on Tahiti and the most visited islands have a foreign exchange facility. International hotels also offer this service. Most of the tourist islands have one or more bank agents.

  • Passport is required



  • Enjoy a soothing Monoi-Oil Massage

  • Catch the sunrise over the Pacific Ocean

  • Sail away on a catamaran

  • Go pearl shopping and visit a Pearl Museum

  • Go shopping at Le Marché and at the colorful boutiques all along the waterfront in Papeete

  • Picnic on a black-sand beach

  • Take a safari tour and 4X4 along hidden roads into the valleys



There truly is something for everyone in Spain. Along with towering gothic cathedrals, ancient Roman ruins, and flamenco, Spain offers world-class art museums, superb cuisine and wine, great shopping, and bustling nightlife. But spend at least one day in Spain as the locals typically do: strolling in the park, eating paella, sipping wine in the shade at an outdoor café or eating tapas with wine until late at night.


Best Time of Year to Visit

Spain has three distinct weather regions. But the early part of summer and beginning of fall are generally good times to visit most regions.


Essential Experiences

  • La Tomatina Festival, Buñol, Valencia

  • See Picasso's art and Gaudi's iconic architecture in Barcelona

  • Relax on the sun-drenched beaches of the Mediterranean on the Costa Del Sol

  • Hike the majestic Pyrenees 

  • Watch Bull Fighting in Madrid

  • Seville – the home of Flamenco


Practical Information

  • Language: Spanish, English

  • Electric: 230 V Type C and F (two-prong) plug

  • Currency: Euro

  • Passport is required

gourmet cuisine


  • See a Flamenco Show

  • Eat Gourmet Cuisine in San Sebastián

  • Visit Madrid's Three Essential Art Museums: the Centro de Arte Reina Sofia (for works by Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali), the Museo del Prado and the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza.

  • Discover the fiery passion of Seville by horse-drawn carriage ride through the traditional districts of Seville or aboard a luxury cruise on the River Guadalquivir

  • Take a tapas and wine tasting tour in Barcelona

  • Take a cooking class to learn how to make Spain’s famous paellas.

  • Surprise your sweetheart with a catamaran sailing day trip and enjoy the sea while relaxing and sunbathing.



Bali is known as the Island of the Gods, in part because of its remarkable natural beauty. It is famous for its spectacular coral reefs, forested volcanic mountains, and striking beaches (white-sand in the south, and black sand in the north and west). Bali is known for great surfing and snorkeling, magnificent ancient temples and palaces, active volcanoes and wild jungles, as well as excellent shopping.


Best Time To Visit

Bali enjoys warm weather year-round but the rainy season lasts from October until March. The best time to go is during the dry season, April through October.


Essential Experiences

  • Tour iconic Tanah Lot and Uluwatu sea temples and enjoy breathtaking sunset views of the coast and the ocean, as well as the cliffs

  • Tour Besakih Temple, Bali’s “mother temple.” Located high on the slopes of Mount Agung, it is the largest of all the Balinese temples and is surrounded by picturesque rice paddies, mountains, streams, and more!

  • Shop for Balinese handicrafts and souvenirs at Ubud Art Market

  • Hike up Mount Batur Volcano to experience spectacular views from the summit

  • Take a guided tour of the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in Ubud

  • See a Kecak show (watch a group of 150 men perform the Ramayana Monkey Chant)

  • Visit the famous archaeological site of Goa Gajah, known as the Elephant Cave, to view the rock wall carvings, bathing pools and fountains, and more.


Practical Information

  • Language: Balinese, Indonesian, English

  • Electric: 230 V Type C and F (two-prong) plug

  • Currency: Indonesian rupiah

  • Passport is required

traditional bali girls


  • Share a traditional Balinese massage with your sweetheart.

  • Enjoy a sunset dinner cruise on a luxury catamaran.

  • Wish for everlasting love upon the Great Banyan Tree - this 700-year old tree is an incredible 85-feet high and the locals believe that spirits inhabit its branches and that whatever wish you make at the tree will come true!

  • Go on a romantic horseback ride with the Bali Equestrian Center.

  • Take a class on how to cook a proper Balinese meal.

  • Share a romantic meal at the cloud-grazing Amora Bali Restaurant with a great view of Mount Batur.

  • Walk along Jalan Batu Balong after the sun sets, and explore the exciting Instagrammable market made up of a complex of restaurants, bars and shops, decorated with dreamy fairy lights and illuminated with a jolly vibe as people enjoy their after-dinner drinks.

  • Nurture your body, mind and soul by taking a Yoga class together at the Yoga Barn in Ubud.

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