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62 Romantic Things to See and Do in Tuscany

Photo by Engjell Gjepali on Unsplash

Tuscany is one of the most romantic destinations on the planet. Florence is my favorite area in Italy; it will steal your heart from the moment you arrive is this iconic city. Year after year, Tuscany is one of our top honeymoon spots. Tuscany has something for everyone. Adventurous, laid back, or a mixture; it’s all available in terrific Tuscany. Here are our top 62 Romantic Things to See & Do in Tuscany.

Photo by Holger Link on Unsplash

1. Tiptoe through the sunflowers.

2. Soak up the healing waters in Saturnia.

Photo by Davide Ragusa on Unsplash

3. Ride a Vespa through the countryside.

4. Soak in the Vitamin D with a day at the beach.

5. Create your dream artisanal art piece with a personal Italian designer at Eliiss in Florence.

6. Drive a Ferrari.

7. Float over the vineyards in a hot air balloon.

8. Walk in the footsteps of Dante.

9. Head to a market with a chef and learn to cook a traditional Florentine meal.

Photo by Yeo Khee on Unsplash

10. Climb to the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

11. Indulge in an olive oil tasting.

12. Marvel at the golden doors of the Baptistry.

Photo by Sebastian B on Unsplash

13. Visit the Palazzo Vecchio and walk along the battlements at sunset.

14. Take a walking food tasting tour.

15. Get lost in the Boboli Gardens.

16. Marvel at the Renaissance architecture as you stroll hand in hand through Florence.

Photo by Taylor Smith

17. Visit David at the Academia Gallery.

18. Go on a wine safari in Chianti.

19. Sail down the Arno on a Florentine gondola.

20. Learn to make Italian pastry.

Photo by Keith Zhu on Unsplash

21. Climb to the top of Duomo in Florence.

22. Explore the Tuscan countryside in a vintage Fiat.

23. Have a romantic picnic in San Gimignano.

Photo by Erin Doering on Unsplash

24. People watch in Siena’s town square.

25. Hike Monti dell’ Uccellina

26. Take a private tour of the Uffizi.

27. Go truffle hunting in San Miniato.

28. Explore the Island of Elba.

Photo by Juliana Malta on Unsplash

29. Learn to make pizza and gelato in a cooking class.

30. Take in the view from the hilltop town of Volterra.

31. Road trip through the Val d’Orcia

32. Savor the Last Supper at Calci Charterhouse

33. Spend the night in a romantic villa.

34. Go horseback riding through Tuscan vineyards.

35. Go ghost hunting for the Laughtin Ghost at Villa di Cogliano.

36. Spend the day searching for our beautiful feathered friends at Massaciuccoli

Photo by Jarno Cobbaert on Unsplash

37. Bask in the Tuscan sun in Cortona.

38. Make a pilgrimage to La Verna.

39. Wander the city walls & Devil’s Bridge in Lucca.

40. Shop the outdoor leather market in Florence.

41. Sample laid back island life on Giglio.

42. Hit the spa in Bagno Vignoni.

43. Walk in the footsteps of Edward & Bella from "Twilight" in Montepulciano.

44. Sip Brunello di Montalcino in Montalcino

45. Eat Bistecca alla Fiorentina

Photo by Kimberly Heinzelmann on Unsplash

46. Climb the clock tower in San Gimignano

47. Escape the crowds like the dukes did in the Vasari Corridor.

48. Take in an outdoor opera.

49. Trace the path of the iconic sites featured in Dan Brown’s “Inferno.”

50. Visit Isola Santa in the Apuan Alps.

51. Visit Carrara marble quarries in Carrara.

Photo by Mattia Bericchia on Unsplash

52. Stay in a farmhouse.

53. Discover the towers in Monteriggioni.

54. Visit some castles.

55. Hike through the Orrido di Botri Canyons.

Photo by Fineas Anton on Unsplash

56. Bicycle through the Tuscan countryside

57. Walk from the Ponte Vecchio up to San Miniato al Monte.

58. Discover where Leonardo da Vinci tried to fly in 1506, Monteciceri Hill.

59. Visit the “Tree of Life” in Lucignano.

60. Have a romantic candlelit dinner at Enoteca Pitti Gola e Cantina in Florence.

61. Let the wind take you as you wander the winding streets in Florence.

62. Watch the dolphins in Viareggio.

If you want to learn more about Tuscany, read our Dream & Romantic Towns in Tuscany. It is perfect for couples looking to get off the beaten path. You will find luxury, romance, and mystery around every corner. Indulge your passions in Tuscany. If you are looking for a honeymoon in Italy, read my A Perfect Honeymoon in Italy. Tuscany is one of my Wedding Locations Guaranteed to Leave You Smitten. Did I miss your favorite Romantic Things to See & Do in Tuscany?

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