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8 Reasons I Adore Fiji

I'm not a beach person. As a redhead the beach hates me; the feeling is mutual. I can't be on the beach for more than the 5 minutes without burning to a crisp. Even with my aversion to the beach; I adore Fiji! It's my favorite island destination in the world by far. My love for Fiji is boundless and countless. I can count everything I love about Fiji. But I will reveal 8 Reason I Adore Fiji...

The People

The Fijian People are the kindest most welcoming people in the entire world. You feel like family from the moment you arrive. Walk down the street, and you will be greeted by smiles and warmth by every person you pass. I went to a local village and passed by a house and the owner cam out and invited me to have dinner with them. They didn't have much to spare, but were happy to share what they had. You will be embraced by the love in Fiji!


Fiji is an archipelago of more than 300 islands (of which 110 islands are inhabited) so you will find a lot of beaches to explore. Love palm fringed, white-sand beaches surrounded by crystal clear cerulean blue will adore Fiji! True story: I have NEVER gotten sun burn in Fiji! The beaches must be magic.

The Diving

Fiji is the soft coral capital of the world. Discover colorful worlds that you never knew existed under the sea. Swim through canyons and caves surrounded by thousands of rainbow colored sea creatures. They don't sing and dance like in the "Little Mermaid", I have checked.

Lavish Spas

Want to feel like pampered royalty? Fiji is for you! It's home to some worlds most luxurious and lavish spas. You won't find a bad spa in Fiji, but I am truly loved the spa at the Kokomo Private Island Resort, because they offer an ocean massage. You can get your Swedish Massage in the water. How awesome is that?

Astonishing Resorts

Fiji has some of the most luxurious resorts in the world. 5 Fijian Resorts made my list of Top 30 Resorts in the World! Fiji has the more resorts on the list than any other destination (I believe that Santorini is second) Looking for secluded, romantic all-inclusive resort on a pristine stretch of paradise? Head to one of the following resorts: Royal Davui Island, Kokomo Private Island, Laucala Island, LikuLiku Lagoon or Vomo Island. You will be wowed no matter which one you choose. They even offer over the water bungalows!


In case you didn't know, I am spiritual. I meditate and (force myself) to go to yoga at least 3 times a week. But I have never felt closer to a higher power than when I was doing my sun salutations in the middle of the ocean at sun rise in Fiji. I assure you that your local studio will never compare to the experience in Fiji.

Fiji Time

In Fiji, you will let go of: deadlines, news, politics, stress and worries. With Fii Time, you are encouraged to do what you want with your time. Do everything or do nothing; it's all up to you!

Time Travel

The international date line runs through the middle of Fiji, so you can travel back in time when you go from one island to another. If that isn't awesome, I don't know what is.

Did I mention that there is an underwater hotel in Fiji? There is so much to love about Fiji. This list barely scratches the surface. I could have done 108 Reasons I Adore Fiji. Have I given you a reason to love Fiji?

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