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Must-Try Honeymoon Activities in Tahiti

When people picture French Polynesia, they often see blue-green waters and miles of pristine white sand. They envision sipping, daiquiris, and Pina Coladas as the sunsets; you can get all this in Tahiti. It lies in the South Pacific. Tahiti has perfected barefoot indulgence and drool-worthy resorts; it attracts couples desiring a refined vibe on their honeymoon. Here are the must-try honeymoon activities in Tahiti.

Indulge in an Overwater Bungalow

One of Tahiti's iconic experiences is to choose an overwater bungalow. Although Bora Bora is the most famous, you will find overwater villas scattered throughout French Polynesia. So you can expect to be spoiled for choice! Wake up each morning to the ocean lapping gently against your bungalow.

Snorkel in a Coral Garden

The Islands of French Polynesia offer some of the best snorkeling in the world. Explore the unspoiled coral reefs in the shallow lagoons. These fragile coral reefs have grown slowly, at a rate of between 0.3 and 2 cm per year throughout thousands of years, so look but don't touch.

Summit Mount Orohena

Enjoy the astonishing views from the top of Mount Orohena. The striking mountain is the highest point in French Polynesia, with the peak attaining 7,352 feet above sea level. Choose from a stroll around the sandy beaches at the base or one of the more challenging guided climbs to the extreme.

Chase Waterfalls in Papeete

Discover Papeete's dense rainforest by 4WD to the interior of the Island of Tahiti. Get off the beaten path of this Tahitian paradise, touring Mount Marau, Arahoho Blowhole, and the luxurious cascades of the waterfalls.

Romantic Sunset Catamaran

Marvel at the magnificent essential beauty of French Polynesia on this private sunset catamaran cruise. Sail gracefully onto the waves by and enjoy sweeping panoramas along the beautiful coast. Sail through Cook's Bay and into the open ocean, and enjoy a refreshing adult beverage as the sun dips behind the horizon.

Swim with Humpback Whales & Sharks

Glide along the glittering crystal-clear lagoon to discover Moorea's natural beauty. After discovering the bays and the magnificent peaks of Moorea, you will wade into the warm ocean waters to swim side by side with sharks, humpback whales, and graceful stingrays.

Take Breakfast Up a Notch

What could be a more romantic way to start your day than having your sumptuous breakfast delivered by outrigger canoe? You will have a leisurely start to the morning as you watch the sunrise from your sundeck.

Photo by Hotel Kia Ora

Go Pearl Diving

If you're fascinated by marine life and pearls, then you can travel to Tahiti and dive for your pearls. Since the television show "The Amazing Race" highlighted pearl diving as a challenge, many couples have been captivated by the possibility of discovering their underwater treasures.

Shake Your Groove Thing

Learn how to swing your hips to Tahitian drums and ukuleles. Your instructor will first show you how to wear a Polynesian pareo, then teach you the basics of this legendary art. You'll learn all the pieces that make up the Oritahiti, which is rapid, rhythmic dance, and the slow, sensual Aparima.

Explore Lagoons in a Glass Kayak

Tahiti is famous for its opportunities for honeymooners to get up close and personal with marine animals; the gorgeous, shallow lagoons teem with life. A glass kayak is a unique way to explore this from above.

Get Lost on a Deserted Island

Board a luxury boat, where your private staff will take you on a tour of the lagoon of Bora Bora. You will then stop on a private motu (islet), where your guide will climb the coconut tree to retrieve a fresh coconut. Afterward, relax on a deserted beach while the staff prepares a delicious lunch for you. After lunch, spend the rest of the day shipwrecked alone.

Learn to Stand Up Paddleboard

Tahiti has no shortage of adventures like skydiving, chartered yachts, and seaplanes, to name a few. But, some of my favorites are the simplest. You can rent a stand-up paddleboard from your resort and paddle your way around the perimeter of the hotel. It's both great exercise and a unique way to explore the resort.

Discover Amazing Cuisine

Some of the best dining experiences in my life have been roadside food trucks. When French cooking techniques and influences combine with fresh tropical produce, you discover a unique and delicious local cuisine. So get out of your resort; your taste buds will thank you.

Hang Ten

Tahiti is a surfers paradise. If you have never had the chance to tame the 30-foot waves, Tahiti is the perfect place to learn to hang ten.

Meet the Locals

If you want to understand a new destination, you need to get to know the people who live there every day; you can know their culture and history. Tahitians are some of the happiest people in the world (they do live in paradise, after all!) You will find lovely, friendly people anxious to welcome you to their home.

There is no end to romantic adventures available in Tahiti, but there are some of my favorite things to see and do in French Polynesia.

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