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Must-Try Honeymoon Activities in St Lucia

When people picture a Caribbean island, they often see blue-green waters and miles of smooth white sand. They envision sipping, daiquiris, and Pina Coladas as the sunsets; you can get all this and more on the gorgeous island of St Lucia. It lies halfway between Martinique and Saint Vincent, encompassed by the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. St Lucia is home to barefoot indulgence and drool-worthy resorts; it attracts couples desiring a refined vibe on their tropical getaway. Here are the must-try honeymoon activities in St Lucia.

Horseback Ride & Swim

Enjoy a gentle ride as you explore the northern shore of Saint Lucia. Ride through the scenic jungles on your way to the beach. Continue as you take on the Caribbean Sea's warm waters on horseback before dismounting to relax on a powdery white sand beach.

Treetop Zip Line Tour

St Lucia offers fast zip lines, net bridges, and treetop canopies. Between runs, take in the unique panoramic views and observe the magnificent flora and fauna indigenous to the forest.

Helicopter Tour

Take in the island's most breathtaking views with a premium helicopter ride. See the rugged Atlantic coast, plantations, Pitons, and beautiful beaches. A helicopter is a perfect way to see the whole island. And they make for an excellent airport transfer. The roads in St Lucia are winding; a helicopter will save you a long, horrendous drive!

Deep-Sea or Sport Fishing

Saint Lucia offers world-class fishing. Try your hand at wrangling for blue marlin, wahoo, mahi-mahi, tuna, and sailfish, to name a few. Climb aboard a customized Bertram sportfishing boat, and get ready for a unique offshore experience.

Spend the Day in Soufriere

Board a speedboat on the beach and cruise down the west coast of St Lucia to Soufriere. Marvel at the Pitons' exalted twin peaks along the way. Prepare for a relaxing drive through Soufriere to the famous drive-in volcano (the only drive-through volcano in the world!) Unwind as you take a rejuvenating dip in the mineral-rich mud bath before heading to a waterfall where you can wash off with a refreshing swim.

ATV Adventure

Let us take you back in time on an ATV; you'll drive through one of Saint Lucia's most extensive banana plantations. Take the dirt path and be amazed at scenic St. Lucia overlooking the Atlantic coast and Grande Anse Beach.

Lover's Rock Sunset Cruise

Sail off into the sunset on a romantic catamaran cruise featuring stunning views of the horizon lit with red, pink, and orange hues. You may get a glimpse of the fleeting green flash as the sun sinks into the shimmering sea.

Indulge Your Love of Chocolate

Head to the Hotel Chocolate and walk and talk with us about cocoa production. Later get your hands dirty as you make your very own chocolate bar with estate-grown cocoa! Indulge your sweet tooth by sampling all the deserts that have even a touch of chocolate.

Chase Waterfalls

Enjoy a hike through the rainforest, passing surging rivers and cascading waterfalls. Take a dip in a refreshing river pool. Pack a picnic and make a day of it. You will love spending the day getting lost in the rainforest!

Sea Trek Adventure Dive

Have you wondered how it would feel to walk in space? Sea trekking gives you the zero-gravity experience. A diving helmet will allow you to explore the fantastic world beneath the sparkling blue waters without knowing how to SCUBA. Descend into the waters off Pigeon Island and commence your underwater stroll. Sea turtles swim by as you run with seahorses.

St. Lucia's fascinating beauty truly captures the lush allure of the Caribbean. Home to one of the Caribbean's most famous landmarks, Gross Piton and Petit Piton, is a must-see with its two towering volcanic peaks. St Lucia has a ton to see and do, and this list isn't all-inclusive. But it does include some of my client's favorite things to see and do.

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