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Trendiest Adventure Honeymoon Destinations for 2023

Do you like to set the trends in your friend group? 2022 was a banner year for travel. Demand for romantic and adventurous honeymoon destinations has never been higher. Borders reopened, and COVID restrictions faded away. Now is your chance to get ahead of the curve with your getaways for 2023. You can set Instagram on fire and be the envy of your friends when you head to one of the trendiest adventure honeymoon destinations.

New Zealand

New Zealand is home to superb scenery, from shores and sounds to mountains and icebergs, hot springs, and forests to cities and vineyards. Located in the Pacific Ocean, about 900 miles east of Australia, two large islands—the North Island and the South Island—comprise the nation. With so many diverse natural wonders to investigate, couples are guaranteed a once-of-a-lifetime honeymoon in New Zealand. Does your fantasy honeymoon include as many beaches as it does mountains, glaciers, and fjords? You will adore New Zealand; it is the ultimate adventure-seeker honeymoon destination.


What comes to mind when you think of Japan? Do you imagine huge bustling cities on the cusp of every technological advance? There is more to the Land of the Rising Sun than Tokyo (but Tokyo is incredible, and you should go). You will discover authentic and ancient land if you journey beyond the skyscrapers. Hokkaido is the perfect place to search for great sites like the Blue Pond. Head to Hakone and stay in a traditional onsen or Mount Osore to find the entrance to the afterlife. Discover the bamboo forest in Kyoto or hit the slopes of Japan. Sun yourselves on the shores of Okinawa. There is only one word to capture a honeymoon in Japan, enthralling.


Fiji is the jewel of the South Pacific. The island nation is the ideal getaway for couples seeking an escape from every day. Comprised of more than 322 islands, Fiji is an island nation located in the South Pacific Ocean, about 1,300 miles from New Zealand. You will find a unique blend of stunning beaches, rich culture, rainforests, scenic drives, and an impressive array of activities. You can spend your trip rafting down the white waters, chasing waterfalls, surfing, diving, sailing, and taking in the scenery on a road trip.


You will struggle to find a more intensely beautiful, rugged, and diverse countryside than Patagonia. Patagonia is an adventure-filled wonderland, from vivid green alpine meadows dotted with wildflowers to glacier fields. If you are looking for a romantic destination, then look no further. It is the perfect destination to indulge your wanderlust. And you can count on lots of privacy in Patagonia; it is one of the least visited areas in the world.

South Africa

Whether you take a dawn tour through the bush on safari or toast to sunset on a quiet beach, South African experiences are as diverse as their geography. South Africa brims with thrilling cities, immaculate beaches, untouched wilderness, and everlasting natural beauty. It is suited for all sorts of honeymoon travelers. Nothing screams "adventure honeymoon" like visiting Victoria Falls, one of the world's seven wonders. The charms extend beyond safari and sand – a vibrant wine region, sophisticated culinary scene, and some of the world's finest accommodations await in this joyously welcoming country.

Are you not content sitting on a beach sipping mai tais? Adventurous couples deserve a destination that matches their exciting lifestyle and provides a romantic experience. You can get the heart-pumping adventure you seek in one of these trendiest adventure honeymoon destinations.

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