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Tips for the Romantic Beachfront Dinner of your Dreams

All-inclusive resorts are one of my most common honeymoon requests. Who doesn't like knowing the cost upfront? But only a few hotels include everything in the price. Most offers add-ons at an additional fee. Other than couples' massages, my only add-on request is private beachfront dinners. They are so romantic and feel luxurious and memorable. But they can be a massive disappointment if you don't plan right. Here are my tips for ensuring you get the romantic beachfront meal of your dreams.

Timing is Everything

Most resorts will offer early and late seatings. The first seatings begin at around 6 pm and the late, around 8 pm; I suggest booking the early seating. At golden hour, you will get lots of great pictures, but more importantly, you will be able to see your food. Most of the lighting from the dinner will be candlelight. Seeing your sweetheart and your plate is challenging after the sun goes down.

Book Before You Depart

For most excursions, waiting to plan after arriving at the hotel is fine. Beachfront dinners are one exception; resorts are limited in how many private dinners they can offer in one night, and the slots fill quickly. I have had clients given a free private dinner in their honeymoon package, but they tried to book it after they arrived at the resort, and there were no open times. Take advantage of freebies even if you tie yourselves to a specific date and time.

Check Out the Menus Before Paying

Private beachfront dinners have set menus that don't change. Most resorts offer beef, chicken, or vegetarian options. They will ask you to choose your menu when you book the dinner, and substitutions aren't allowed. Look the menu over to ensure you have something you like before paying. Many resorts do not offer refunds on private dinners.

Arrive Early

Beach dinners run on a tight schedule, especially if you choose early seating. They have to get you out in time to clean and set up for the next couple. If you want appetizers, you need to be on time.

Bug Spray is Essential

When the sun goes down, the creepy crawlies come out. If you don't want to get eaten alive by mosquitos, take bug spray.

Dress Up

A private beach dinner is a great time to get romantic pictures from your honeymoon, so take advantage of the golden hour! Since you will take lots of photos, make sure you look your best. You want your grandkids to see how gorgeous you were on your honeymoon.

Take You Phone

Your waitstaff will be happy to take photos for you, but they don't have cameras. Ensure you have something to commemorate the evening.

Tip Your Waiters

Usually, gratuities are part of your travel package, but beach butlers do not get a share of the money allocated for tips, so plan on leaving them 10% of the cost of your dinner.

There you have my tips for ensuring that your private beachfront dinner is as romantic as you hoped it would be. Sit back, sip champagne, and marvel at these spectacular resorts offering the ultimate romantic experience.

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