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Sexiest Resorts in Greece with Cave Pool Suites

Cave Pool suites are some of the most romantic honeymoon suites available. They are as romantic and memorable as overwater bungalows but much rarer. You can only find them in Greece and Turkey. Cave-carved suites dot legendary cliffsides, and they are unique places to take a dip, sometimes even without leaving your room. Stunning cave pools come in many forms and sizes, from mini lagoons that emerge from your private bathroom to isolated river-shaped pools that pass beneath whitewashed stone archways leading into drool-worthy terraces overlooking the glittering sea. Here are the sexiest honeymoon cave pool suites in Greece.

Considered by many to be the best hotel in Santorini, Canaves Oia Suites is the epitome of luxury, privacy, and romance. The 24 expansive suites afford you dramatic caldera views from your private veranda. Each features a private swimming pool. Hop aboard the resort's private yacht, and spend an unforgettable night snuggling in the middle of the shimmering Aegean Sea. It isn't easy to picture a more idyllic setting.

Jessie recommends the River Pool Suite with Caldera & Sea View.

We all deserve to pampering. With its traditional architecture and breathtaking views, Alta Mare offers guests the ideal haven to relax in, daydream, and spend time with those they love. Fall in love with Greece in all its extraordinary, charming, and beautiful guises, knowing the luxurious and elegant Andronis suite awaits you.

Jessie recommends the Superior Suite.

Sophia Suites offers a relaxing retreat with brilliant views of the boundless Aegean Blue. This elegant gem is an all-suite retreat for the senses that invites you to share a heavenly, once-in-a-lifetime adventure while marveling at the world's most captivating sunsets.

Jessie recommends the Crypt Exclusive Cave Suite with Private Indoor and Outdoor Pools.

Perivolas is one of Santorini's most serene hideaways; you won't find a single TV at the resort! The resort offers terraced gardens, whitewashed cave rooms, a world-renowned restaurant, wellness center, and spa, in addition to awe-inspiring views. Perivolas was the first resort to construct a cliffside infinity pool. This adults-only sanctuary is perfect for couples that don't wish to be disturbed on their honeymoon.

Jessie recommends the Perivolas Suite.

Cavo Tagoo nestles into a cliffside. The dominant external element is the natural rock preserved in some internal spaces as a natural decorative feature; it blends magically with its surroundings. All of its 80 accommodations come with minimalist decor and a host of luxury amenities. The bar and restaurant have long been the pulse of Mykonos for their energetic vibe, unmatched view of Mykonos town, and delicious creations.

Jessie recommends the Cave Pool Suite.

Dana Villas is a collection of luxury villas and suites nestled along the cliff of Santorini. The suites offer seclusion and breathtaking views of the deep blue sea, overlooking the volcano. The name Dana stands for an enduring love affair with eternal authenticity, and a naturalist exploit. Your dreams will come alive, and you will develop a deep sense of satisfaction.

Jessie recommends the Honeymoon Pool Villa.

Andronis Luxury Suites is a luxury boutique resort perches above the sparkling Aegean Sea; this property has an enviable location overlooking the Mediterranean's Caldera side. An exciting infinity pool tops the cliffs and sea below. Additionally, it is within walking distance of stores and eateries of Oia.

Jessie recommends the Honeymoon Suite with Indoor Cave Plunge Pool.

Dreams Luxury Suites is where style, opulence, and supremacy meet a world of glamour and tradition. They represent a new notion of the sanctuary with just six luxury suites with a unique personality. The suites combine courteous and warm service with a genuine tradition. Discerning guests that require a particular level of comfort, class, and tranquility will adore the Dreams.

Jessie recommends the Opera Mansion Dream Villa.

Kirini promises to enchant your soul with its exquisite environment and phenomenal views of the Caldera. In this fairytale hotel, with majestic views and luxurious service fulfilling all your wishes, your holiday will be a unique experience to cherish for life.

Jessie recommends the Master Suite with a Private Pool.

It's not too often 'cave-like is a compliment, but it is authentic for Iconic Santorini. The terraced suites' five levels were carved directly into the hillside of Imerovigli, which is the highest elevation on the island. Don't worry; you won't have to rough it at Iconic. The resort is full of luxury touches like the four-layer beds, speedy wi-fi, spacious balconies, and rain showers.

Jessie recommends the Cave Suite.

Rising from the carved native rock, Calilo is surrounded by 1,000 acres of protected land and ringed by golden sand, lapped by a cerulean sea.

In a secluded corner of unspoiled Ios and just a stone's throw Mykonos and Santorini, this 30-suite retreat offers an escape from the crowds. Think sun-drenched solitude surrounded by an aged olive-pricked landscape. Calilo has stolen my heart since it emerged on the scene. If given a chance, this remarkable resort will steal yours too.

Jessie recommends the Afterglow Cave Pond Suite or the Blue & You Suite.

Perched over the cliffs, Pegasus blends with the uniqueness of the scenery, the volcanic rocks, the crisp and clear colors of the Aegean Sea without losing its contemporary style.

Jessie recommends the Angels Infinity Pool Suite.

If you are looking for a truly unique romantic getaway, you need to consider a trip to Greece. These are the sexiest resorts in Greece, with cave pool suites. And choosing a cave pool suite is the ultimate way to ensure a magical, memorable, and marvelous holiday.

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