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Tips for Controlling Vacation Stress with Careful Planning

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Everybody needs to take a vacation, but unfortunately so many of us don’t. Whether you’re worried about not having enough time to get away from work or you feel that going on a trip will cause you too much stress, not taking paid vacation time is like giving money back to your employer. Plus, traveling is really good for you in many ways. So, in order to have a stress-free vacation, check out the following tips from Trips to Cherish.

The Importance of Travel

Getting away from home is important to your state of mind. Just getting a change of scenery can help us relax. Lonely Planet notes that traveling can make you healthier, more resilient, happier, friendlier and more. Plus, when you return you’ll be full of amazing stories to tell all your friends.

Just be sure to remember to leave work at work when you head out on vacation. For many, this is easier said than done thanks to constant connectivity to the workplace via smartphones and other devices, but make it a point to communicate with coworkers your desire to not be bothered. And resist the temptation to check work emails!

Secure Your Home

Do you worry about your home when you’re on vacation? Get a home security system with monitoring. You’ll be alerted the minute something happens, so there’s no reason to stress out over the care of your home. CNET suggests taking other measures, too, such as stopping your newspaper and mail so that it doesn’t pile up while you’re gone, and putting your lights on timers so that it looks like someone is home.

Plan Ahead

The more you have the less likely you are to stress about where to be. Knowing that the tickets are already bought and the transportation is already secured can make a huge difference in your anxiety levels. But be careful not to plan too much. If every minute of every day of your trip is planned, you’ll be rushing around from one place to the next, always worried about where to be next.

Build in some buffer time, too. Allow enough layover at the airport and between events to be able to breathe. That way, if something runs late or long, you’re not freaking out about the next step. You might even have some time to pop into a pub for a bite or drink between museum tours.

Planning early can also help you to find better deals, which is important if finances are one of your worries. Look for deals on flights, tours, and even food vouchers. And if you’re planning a trip to Disneyland, definitely check out Mouse Life Today for great money-saving strategies.

Face Your Fears

If you get all the information you need and planning done ahead of time, you won’t be as likely to suffer from vacation stress. Stress during vacation comes in many types, including, fear of the unknown, fear of flying and more. There’s even hodophobia, a basic fear of travel. But these things can be overcome. As with all types of anxiety, talk to a doctor and get help. Then work on overcoming that fear and tackling that trip.

Get Plenty of Rest

Make sure you get lots of sleep. Understand the time zones you’ll be crossing because they can greatly affect your slumber. From the United States to Europe, it is essential to sleep on the plane. If you don’t, you’ll arrive in the morning feeling like it’s bedtime, and most hotels don’t let you check in early. So, plan ahead by bringing earplugs, headphones, eye shades, melatonin and neck pillows -- whatever it takes for you to sleep on a plane. You’ll be glad you did.

Stay Hydrated and Eat Right

Dehydration and hunger can increase your anxiety levels. If you can, take water on the plane with you (you can often buy a bottle once you’ve passed through security, or take an empty refillable bottle that you can fill at a water fountain). Bring snacks and gum for the flight so that your ears will pop with the altitude and so you don’t get hungry waiting for flight attendant service.

Reduce Stress with a Vacation Home

If there is a place you love to visit, but you don’t go as often because of your anxiety, consider investing in a vacation home. Then, you would always know where you are going to stay and you could get familiar with the area. Buying a vacation home is a little more complicated than purchasing a primary residence, but you can do it with a larger down payment. Plus, you can go in with friends or rent it out when you aren’t using it to reduce the cost.

Find Ways to Travel with Minimal Stress

Whatever you do, don’t give up that vacation time. Your trip might have some stress associated with it, but the amount of stress it relieves will be worth it in the long run. So find strategies that reduce your stress – like investing in a vacation home – and start planning your next trip!

Do you want to travel, but aren’t sure where to go? Then check out Trips to Cherish for great travel tips!

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