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9 Fun Dates Suitable for Social Distancing

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The news hasn't been good: business and schools have shut their doors. Heck, even some countries have shut down. And the story is awful in other ways. For instance, I read that the divorce rate in China is heading north, and social distancing is to blame. Apparently, lots of forced alone time is not beneficial to many relationships.

At Trips to Cherish, I am on a mission! I help people in love explore the world so that they grow together and don't grow apart. Exploring the world isn't the best option with Coronavirus rapidly expanding its reach. But I can help your relationship not only survive but to truly thrive during this challenging time. You may need to keep your distance from the general populace, but it's the perfect time to get closer to the one you love.

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1001 Arabian Nights...turn your living room into your very own oasis. Channel your inner Scheherazade and keep him enthralled with just your captivating self. Throw in a little belly will thank me later.

Snuggle-In Movie...take the oasis you made and turn it into a snuggle-in movie theater. Fluffy pillows, warm blankets, warm-buttery popcorn, hot chocolate, and your favorite movies. Brings all new meaning into "Netflix and Chill."

Spice It Up a Notch...get out the pots and pans and channel your inner Iron Chef. Divide up the courses and compete to see who can make the most amazing dishes. The secret ingredient for every meal: chocolate. The best part is you get to eat what you make.

Play the Date Night Lottery...take a simple jar, and each of you writes 20 date night activities. Mix them up and pick one at a time. Sexy to silly? The goal is to be creative.

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Start a book club for a book together. You can discuss all the plot details. Better yet, act out all the naughty parts.

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Double Bubble Trouble…what better way to warm up than a bubble bath for two? Don't forget the champagne, candles and scented lotion.

Say Aloha to Hawaii...Hawaii has a 30-day travel ban in place. But you can pull out the bikini, mix up daiquiris, and put on your favorite surf movie.

Play Dress Up…that LBD that is burning a hole in your closet, get it out, and actually wear it. Everyone feels better about themselves when they look their best, so dress up and turn an evening at home into something special.

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Hit the Trails...always beautiful after a season of rain, with lush greenery and tons of flowers and butterflies. It'll be a great way to be active together and a great way to enjoy the season! Social Isolation doesn't mean you are stuck in the house. You can go out, but be sure to avoid crowds.

These are a few date ideas that will ensure that you deepen your bond while enduring social distancing. Don't worry, there are many more to come. What is your favorite way to get closer during trying times?

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