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Take the Mystery out of Honeymoon Registries

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Photo by Ivan Cabanas on Unsplash

Wedding planning is hard and often stressful. There were times that dreaming of my honeymoon was the only thing that made wedding planning bearable. The honeymoon is the pot of gold at the end of the wedding planning rainbow.

Do your honeymoon dreams exceed your budget? A honeymoon registry is an excellent resource for couples that want an epic honeymoon without running up credit card bills. Do you worry about asking for money for your honeymoon? Please don't fret; I am here to take the mystery out of honeymoon registries. Read on to find out what to put on your website and how to spread the news. Here are tips to help you create, share, and use your honey fund!

Tell everyone about your plans. Let your friends and family know where you are going and the things that are important to you. The more detail, the better. When people understand why your honeymoon is important to you, they will be happy to help you achieve your dreams.

Don't do a traditional registry (if you can help it). Giving people too many options will cut into the money you collect for your honeymoon. If you need certain household items, register with a company (like Zola) that will allow you to register for both. But limit your household items to absolute necessities.

Pass on the fees. Honeymoon registries have a small processing fee associated with them collecting the money. You can pass this fee onto your guests or pay for it yourselves. I think it is easier to have guests spend the price. They range from 0-10%; your friends and family won't mind paying a few extra dollars.

Or choose a registry that doesn't charge fees. Feel bad about passing on the costs, go with a company that doesn't charge fees. Honeyfund waives fees if you take the money on a digital gift card.

Use the money however you want to, but don't tell. The money is yours to use as you need, and of course, you should use it for your honeymoon. If life interferes with your plans and you have to use the money for something else, keep that fact to yourself.

Send Thank You cards with a lovely picture from your honeymoon. A honeymoon picture will let people see how their gift helped you have an amazing and romantic trip.

Leave your registry info off your invitations. Instead, place a link to the registry on your wedding website. Word of mouth is also an excellent way to tell people about your registry.

Honeymoon Registries are fantastic tools; that can allow you to realize your honeymoon dreams. Next, I will be going over the major differences between the most well-known registries. If you would like help choosing and setting up your honeymoon registry, let me know.

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