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Discover Charming Croatia Before Everyone Else Does

Croatia possesses an excellent spot along the Adriatic Sea across from Italy, at the crossing of Central and Southeast Europe. This friendly Mediterranean nation offers romance at every turn, with unspoiled beaches, fascinating architecture throughout ancient cities, and enchanting wilderness over its vast country. Croatia personifies a rich history influenced by its many neighbors while remaining wholly unique and instantly recognizable. "Game of Thrones" has introduced people to the wonders of Croatia, so you need to discover charming Croatia before everyone else does!

Split. Croatia

Split is the second-largest city in Croatia and the largest city in the Dalmatian region; a large regional airport makes Split the perfect entry point to the Dalmatian region. Split is a city rich in history and culture; you'll enjoy exploring the Diocletian Palace on the waterfront, named for the Roman Emperor, who had it built in the fourth century AD as his lavish retirement home. Stroll the lower level of the castle with your sweetheart with a private wine tasting! Indulge your pleasures as you explore the upper part of the court, now rebuilt with restaurants, cafes, and charming boutiques built right into its walls. Continue to Split's seafront promenade, the Riva, which runs the old town's length and is one of Europe's Europe's finest. It is a pedestrian promenade bustling with life where you and your sweetheart can wander the labyrinth of streets packed with shops, bars, and restaurants. Do you need a break from partying and shopping? You won't want to miss Split's stunning sandy beaches with turquoise blue waters of the Adriatic.

Zagreb, Croatia

The capital city Zagreb is Croatia's Croatia's thriving political, commercial, and cultural center. Whether roaming cobblestone streets, people-watching from a homey cafe, or sightseeing in the historic district in this 1,000-year-old city, the foundation of Zagreb is apparent at every turn. Proceed to Croatia's Croatia's northernmost Zagorje region to find comfortable living, medieval castles, undulating vineyards, and hearty local eateries aplenty. This side of Croatia sits in pleasant contrast with its southern Mediterranean equivalent, and traversing it at length makes for an extraordinary road trip.

Hvar, Croatia

Hvar is a 50-minute fast ferry sail from Split's bustling harbor; it is home to opulent hotels located right on the crystal blue waters, secluded coves, and some of Europe's Europe's sunniest weather. The island is one of Croatia's Croatia's most beautiful and most seductive; Hvar offers a mild Mediterranean climate and excellent beaches of pebble, smooth sun-bleached stone, and white sand. The fantastic beaches attract celebrities and jet-setters, including Beyoncé, Prince Harry, and Tom Cruise.

The island's capital, Hvar Town, is one of the Adriatic's best-preserved historic towns (the Venetians rebuilt Hvar's city in the early 1600s). The town hub, the Hvar Town, exudes Venice! It features an attractive Venetian waterfront, an adjoining rectangular square lined with shops and restaurants, and the nearby market and St. Stephen's Church. With so much to see and do here, you and your sweetheart will enjoy spending a day or two exploring the area, mingling with the people, and soaking in the atmosphere. Flower lovers should head to the center of the island to stroll through the gorgeous and fragrant fields of lavender.

Southern Dalmatian Islands (Excluding Hvar)

But perhaps uncovering Croatia's genuine Adriatic pearl is only possible by hitting the Southern Dalmatian Islands. Dozens of islands dot the sea. These islands marry Mediterranean customs with contemporary amenities, much to the delight of honeymooners. Whether it's picturesque beaches on Brac, medieval relics on Korcula, or the far-flung relaxing haven of Lastovo, the Southern Dalmatian islands differ as much as they call to adventure seekers. Luxury yachts make visiting multiple islands as quick and painless as the summer's sea breeze.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia's most popular tourist destination, offers an unusual blend of modern and time-honored traditions. Dubrovnik will cast a love spell on you! Its heart is the fortified Old Town (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), encircled by 82-foot tall city walls punctuated by towers and overlooking the Adriatic Sea. Marvelously preserved churches, palaces, squares, and terracotta-roofed townhouses line its polished marble streets. Walking the city walls is the one Dubrovnik attraction you really can't miss; you'll surely enjoy breathtaking views of the city's architecture, gorgeous beaches along the coast, and the plethora of offshore islands.

There are many music lovers' options in Dubrovnik; daily concerts and the Dubrovnik Summer Festival with excellent music, theatre, opera, and dancing happens in July and August. There is also exciting nightlife with plenty of choices to keep you busy until dawn. You'll want to indulge in some island hopping with a day trip to the Peljesac peninsula and Korcula, Marco Polo's hometown, highly recommended; you'll love the unspoiled tiny villages and sheltered coves rimmed with beaches!

When to Go

Croatia experiences a brief but intense high tourist season in July and August when visitors flock to the Adriatic Coast. The best time to travel to Croatia is during the shoulder season (June, September & October) to benefit from lower prices and smaller crowds while still enjoying the best Mediterranean characteristics. If your Croatian getaway doesn't involve much soaking up the sun at the beach, expect constant hotel rates with a more dramatic continental climate.

Take in the best that Croatia offers by walking the elevated forts and towers of its historic cities. Celebrate your new life together on a luxury yacht in a new port every day or hike the scenic inland lakes and waterfalls. Maybe your dream honeymoon includes lounging on a picture-perfect beach while tasting rich food and wine. Croatia is sure to intrigue and excites any couple. It has no shortage of activities throughout the country and across its changing seasons. So it would be best if you discovered charming Croatia before everyone else does!

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