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Discover the Caymans Before Everyone Else Does

When shopping for a tropical getaway, people often overlook the lovely Cayman Islands. They aren't a famous as Aruba, or as lush as St Lucia. They aren't as secluded as the Grenadines or as popular as Jamaica. And, they aren't just a tax shelter with better beaches than Switzerland! The Cayman Islands are a carefree island paradise.

A British Overseas Territory, the Cayman Islands lie in the Western Caribbean Sea. It continues to be a coveted travel destination for both adventure and relaxation. The Caymans offer a unique experience on each of the three islands that make up the nation. So, it is past time that you Discover the Caymans before everyone else does!

Little Cayman

As the name suggests, Little Cayman is tiny. Less than 200 full-time residents are living on the island. The island has more iguanas than people! And only one main road, that doubles as the landing area for the airport. I'm not entirely sure how they work it out, but they do. Little Cayman only got electricity 20 years ago. Little Cayman is not the spot for you if you dream of beach parties and shopping. This undeveloped island has lagoons, secluded beaches, salt ponds, and areas of dense vegetation. Also, it is home to land, sea, and air creatures awaiting discovery. This island will thrill your senses if you seek: solitude, tranquility, and soaking up the Vitamin D without other people to disturb you.

Getting to Little Cayman

Since it is so small, getting to Little Cayman can be difficult. But there are daily flights from both the other islands. You can also do a boat transfer.

Where to Stay on Little Cayman

I think the best resort on the island is the Little Cayman Beach Resort. This boutique property only has 40 rooms. Their friendly staff takes extra special care of all the guests. You will always be welcomed with a smile and treated like family at the Little Cayman Beach Resort.

Cayman Brac

Named for the stunning bluffs that cut across the island's center, Cayman Brac is the second island in the chain. The brac scatters with cliffs and caves that are just begging for exploration; Cayman Brac is different from its sister islands in that it lacks the long stretches of beaches. Limestone caves and sinkholes contrast waters containing awe-inspiring dives along sea walls. There is also ample opportunity for deep-sea fishing. The lush green forests are a birdwatcher's dream. Take to the tree-tops to discover endangered parrots, brown boobies, and peregrine falcons.

Getting to Cayman Brac

As with Little Cayman, there is a daily flight on Cayman Airlines to Cayman Brac. It is about a 30-minute flight from Grand Cayman.

Where to Stay on Cayman Brac

I highly recommend Le Soliel d'Or to anyone that wants a fantastic romantic stay on Cayman Brac. It is, by far, the most romantic and luxurious resort on the island. You will be awe-struck by the stunning white sand beach and crystal clear water. Enjoy their 20-acre organic farm, which provides delicious ingredients for a Caribbean Farm to Table experience. The tranquil beach cottages are large enough for a family but private sufficient for honeymooners. And each comes with a private outdoor pool.

Grand Cayman

The largest and most famous of all the Cayman Islands is Grand Cayman. To many, Grand Cayman is glitzy shopping and global financial center. Add in the luxury resorts lining Seven Mile Beach, and people think they know Grand Cayman. But there is much more to the island than these. It fuses art, culture, and nature to give rise to an utterly romantic ambiance. Head East, and you will escape the crowds. Here you can immerse yourself local culture, fantastic diving, and undeveloped paradise. Enjoy laid-back British civility in a sun-splashed Caribbean tropical locale on Grand Cayman.

Getting to Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman is only 480 miles outside of Miami, which means that it is about an hour and a half direct flight. There are daily flights from multiple cities. Grand Cayman is also a popular cruise port, so that it can get busy!

Where to Stay on Grand Cayman

When in Grand Cayman, stay at the Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman. This gorgeous luxury resort sits on 144 acres and boasts a magnificent stretch of beach on Seven Mile Beach. With six restaurants, two pools, a Greg Norman-designed golf course, and a family water park choosing the Ritz Carlton to mean you will never lack for things to do.

The Cayman Islands may not be well known as other Caribbean destinations, but it is well worth visiting. They are the perfect honeymoon destination for couples that wish for something outside of the everyday. If you want to read more about the Caribbean and its resorts, check out my Avoid the Mistakes that Every All-Inclusive Rookie Makes and How to Choose Your Honeymoon Caribbean Island. It is past time that you Discover the Caymans before everyone else does.

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