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Perfect Gifts to Add to Your Honeymoon Registry

Fola and I lived together for three years before we got married. We owned our house, and a traditional wedding registry didn't appeal to us. I wasn't going to do a registry at all, and then I heard about honeymoon registries. I signed us up, and we ended up getting about $3,000 in gifts to help with our trip. The best gifts are 100% travel gifts for either a honeymoon or a future trip if you love to travel. Here are my perfect gifts to add to your honeymoon registry.

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Experiences and Day Tours

Day tours make a perfect gift. They generally aren't very expensive for friends and family to purchase, and they add to your honeymoon enjoyment. I mean, do you want to head to Rome and not see the Colosseum?! How about heading to Belize and not going to the Jaguar Sanctuary?

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Spa Packages

One of my most requested spa packages for honeymooners is a couples massage. Honeymooners enjoy (and need) a little pampering after all the stress of wedding planning. So download the spa menu at your hotel or ship and add spa treatments to your honeymoon registry.

Global Entry

Global Entry is a fabulous idea for travel lovers because it makes traveling a breeze! Wouldn't you love to spend less of your trip waiting in lines? Global Entry expedites your travel experience by allowing you to skip the lines at the airport.

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Adding suitcases to your honeymoon registry is a no-brainer. What better way to start your new life together than with adorable matching luggage?

Airline Tickets

The cost of flights is a large component of a honeymoon budget, so getting tickets, points, or seat upgrades from your registry will free up money to spend on things that are more fun and romantic.

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Beach Clothes

Beach-bound couples underestimate how many swimsuits, coverups, and flip-flops they will need. If you don't want to spend time in a wet swimming suit, make sure to ask for gift cards for stores that you like.

Airline Tickets

The cost of flights is a large component of a honeymoon budget, so getting tickets, points, or seat upgrades from your registry will free up money to spend on things that are more fun and romantic.

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New Camera or a GoPro

You'll spend your honeymoon making precious memories, and you will want to save them. A new camera will allow you to do so. I have fantastic footage of snorkeling underwater in the Maldives, kayaking in the bioluminescent bay in San Juan, and castle hopping in Germany.

Priority Boarding and VIP Departure Lounges

Improve your airport experience by asking for upgrades to the VIP Lounge. It will be more comfortable, and you will receive the VIP treatment you deserve. In that same vein, put priority boarding on your registry. VIPs don't waste time standing in line waiting to board their flight!


Asking your friends and family to upgrade your honeymoon experience is a must; there's no reason to make a honeymoon registry if it doesn't make the trip better. So ask for contributions to upgrade your suite, transfers, resort, etc. Also, asking for upgrades is a great way to ask for cash without asking for money because your family can't just purchase the upgrade. They have to give you the money for it, and then you can use the money for anything you like.

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Honeymoon Box

A honeymoon box is an adorable concept. Trips to Cherish offers honeymoon boxes that we deliver to the happy couple full of surprises and romantic touches. I allow your family to customize your package; it can include travel guides, destination books, a silicon ring, luggage tags, passport holders, date ideas to keep that honeymoon feeling year-round, and more!

Honeymoon Registries are a fantastic tool, especially for couples that don't need household items. Adding these things to your list will add fun, adventure, and romance to your trip and save you money. Doing a registry was one of the best things I did for my wedding.


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