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Haunted Hotels Guaranteed to Scare the Pants Off You

Apple picking, foliage tours, and hayride, I can't say no to a great Fall getaway because it is my favorite season. What if you are looking for something with a few chills and thrills? Perhaps you are ready to confront the things that go bump in the night. If you are a fright night enthusiast, there is no better way to get in the Halloween spirit than to spend the night in a haunted hotel. Don't worry; hotels with spine-tingling ghostly encounters can still include luxury amenities. Haunted hotels can also be extremely opulent! Whether they're castles in Ireland or top luxury resorts, check out these haunted hotels guaranteed to scare the pants off you. They all have a little something extra.

When you are a castle built in the 13th Century, you can expect 1 or 2 spirits are roaming around the property. Dalhousie is home to dozens of ghosts. For instance, Sir Alexander Ramsay was allegedly starved to death by William Douglas in 1342. Late at night, you can stumble across the Grey Lady, who haunts the castle's dungeon.

Does this hotel look eerily familiar to you? Luring travelers to their world-famous whiskey bar since 1909, the Stanley Hotel inspired Steven King to write "The Shining." This spooky hotel leans into its reputation. With nightly ghost tours, psychic readings, and The Shining Ball, you will be in for a weird time!

Built-in 1865, the Langham has multiple ghosts running (or should it be floating?) around. The spirits don't like cricket (can't blame them); it's a long boring game. In 2014, the ghosts chased out several members of the English National Cricket Team. A few blinking lights, hot spots, and an unexplained presence caused the athletes to seek new lodgings.

For over a Century, the Omni has been showcasing Southern Hospitality in the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains. It was built by a soda pop heir who was trying to cure his chronic hiccups. (How did he think that would work?!) A guest from the Jazz Age, the Pink Lady, haunts the resorts. She met her end on the floor of the atrium after falling from her room. The pastel mists will let you know she is nearby. The Omni features in Best Honeymoon Resorts in the Continental USA (Part 1).

The luxurious Hotel del Coronado, just off the coast of San Diego, is known for its stunning sea views. It is also known for being haunted by Kate Morgan. On Thanksgiving of 1892, Kate checked into the hotel. She waited for her lover to join her for five days. She took her own life when he failed to meet her. Her ghost roams the hotel dressed in black lace, still looking for her lover.

Considered one of the world's best hotels, the Taj Mahal Palace is a 5-star hotel in Mumbai's heart. According to legend, the architect jumped to his death after finding out the hotel was facing the wrong direction. His error still haunts him because his ghost wanders the hallways and the roof.

Sitting alongside Lake Vidöstern in Lagan is the lovely Toftaholm Herragard. Originally this was a private baronial manor. A young man killed himself in room 324 after the Baron refused to marry his daughter.

This fairy-tale castle from the 15th Century, Chateau de Marcay, was turned into a hotel in the 1970s. According to legend, one of the chateau ladies was a werewolf, and a silver bullet pierced her chest and ended her life. Imagine that shot, just minding her werewolf business and next thing you know, dead. No wonder she decided to hang around.

Built-in 1888 to encourage Western tourism, the Fairmont Banff Springs sits by the Rocky Mountains in Banff National Park. Among the ghosts is a bride that died during her wedding and Sam the Bellman. He was an employee until 1975, who will still help you with your bags. Also, there is a family murdered in room 873. The hotel had to shut 873 down due to shrieks and bloody fingerprints that keep reappearing.

Want to be haunted by iconic celebrities? Then you will want to head to the Hotel Roosevelt. It was the site of the first Academy Awards, so it has always been a Hollywood hotspot. The ghosts of Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Clift still hang around.

If you want to stay in a secluded country estate in Ireland, then Castle Leslie is for you. The isolated country hotel makes you feel as if you have Ireland all to yourself unless you might have to share it with the Leslie family of ghosts. Luckily, the Leslie Family are all very friendly ghosts.

After a brief stint as a warship, The RMS Queen Mary served as a luxury ocean liner. During that time, it was home to murder and drownings in the pool. If you want to get to the heart of the paranormal activity, head to the engine room. A heavy door crushed a sailor to death, and he is still upset about it.

Built-in 1890, this Victorian hotel was an etiquette school for girls. Queen Anne since been reborn as a 48-room hotel, although remnants of the building's past life still linger. The ghost of Miss Mary Lake, the school's headmistress, has decided to hang around. She has such excellent etiquette that she will tuck guests in and unpack their bags.

There you have it 13 Haunted Luxury Hotels Around the World. These hotels are guaranteed to get your heart thumping! Also, they will ensure that you don't get any sleep on your vacation. So are you brave enough to stay in any of these hotels?


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