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Avoid a Honeymoon Disaster (Part 2)

Photo by Annette Sousa on Unsplash

To help make sure that you don't wind up settling for a less the perfect honeymoon, find out how to avoid the honeymoon mistakes everyone makes.

Mistake number 6: Not leaving enough time for relaxation. It would help if you had time to relax and unwind during your honeymoon since you have probably been extremely busy leading up to the honeymoon. Avoid trying to cram too many activities into the time you have off together. Think "quality" over "quantity." Sure, you've spent a lot of money to get to your honeymoon paradise. So, take the time to enjoy it.

Mistake number 7: Not planning any time away from each other. It may feel a bit strange to admit to yourself that you might need some "alone time" on your honeymoon but do give each other a bit of space occasionally. Perhaps, the bride would enjoy some or more pampering time in the spa while the groom would enjoy going fishing.

Mistake number 8: Making a mess of packing. Often, newlyweds pick a destination that they've not been to before and that they perhaps don't have a good understanding of the culture or weather. No worries, this is another stress that a good travel planner can help alleviate, by making packing a breeze rather than a chore.

Mistake number 9: Failing to take advantage of a honeymoon registry. Give your budget a break and a boost by making good use of a honeymoon registry. Ask your honeymoon planner to help you set up a honeymoon travel registry. Ask your friends and family to gift you a "swim with dolphins" or a "luau" experience instead, or contribute cash towards your travel.

Mistake number 10: Not consulting a honeymoon travel expert. Sometimes things will go wrong during your trip. If you've used a travel expert, all you'll need to do is make one call and let them deal with the situation while you go on enjoying yourselves the best you can. Don't let the small stuff ruin your honeymoon. It's easier to go with the flow when you know someone has got your back!

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