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Avoid a Honeymoon Disaters (Part 3)

Photo by Hean Prinsloo on Unsplash

Don't settle for a less than perfect honeymoon. Fulfill your every desire by, avoiding the top 15 honeymoon planning mistakes that couples make.

Mistake number 11: Failing to pack before the wedding. You will be exhausted after the wedding and reception; it's better to take this packing chore off your plate early. Packing early also gives you time to add things you might have forgotten to pack the first time.

Mistake number 12: Failing to pick your flight seats as early as possible. Do you want to spend hours stuck next to an airline bathroom? If that isn't your ideal start to your honeymoon, you might want to select seats before all the good ones are gone.

Mistake number 13: Failing to obtain the correct travel documents. Any destination outside of the US will require a passport at a minimum. A visa may also be required. Without the right travel documents, you will not be allowed to travel…no, and you won't get a refund.

Mistake number 14: Forgetting to renew your passport. Most destinations require that your passport be valid for 6 months AFTER you return from your trip. Again, it is your responsibility to ensure travel documents are in order. I see this mistake every year. I send every client an email reminding them to check their passports, and still, people forget.

Mistake number 15: Forget to pack in secret. Buy some new items and make sure that your fiancée doesn't peak when you pack so that you can surprise them when you are on the trip

Mistake number 16: Forget to pack a swimsuit and cover-up in your carry on. If you can't check in right away, you can leave your luggage with the desk and go to the beach or the pool!

That does it for the mistakes everyone makes. Did you make any of these? Don't miss part 1 and part 2 of this honeymoon series.

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