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Discover the Maldives' Most Over-the-Top Resort: Soneva Jani

Updated: Jan 25

The Maldives is full of incredible and romantic resorts, so it takes a lot to impress, but Soneva Jani stands head and shoulders above the rest. The only rule is ‘No news, no shoes.' I like to add ‘no blues’ (of the emotional kind). Actual blues hues will surround you in every conceivable enticing aqua from the sky to the sea. Soneva Jani is the Maldives at its most magical. You need to discover the Maldives' most over-the-top resort.

Overview of Soneva Jani

The Maldives is home to some of the most incredible resorts, so Soneva Jani is truly a special place. When you arrive at the Male Airport, you will experience the Soneva difference. The resort has a private airport lounge where you await your seaplane transfer. You will check-in at the airport, so you have to play in the gorgeous blue waters by the time you arrive at the resort. The airport lounge even has a spa if you need to unwind before reaching the resort. Going to the resort is half the fun. The 40-minute seaplane flight to Soneva Jani is a breathtaking excursion trip. The plane flies low over the Indian Ocean, affording passengers fantastic views of the sugar-white islands dotting cerulean lagoons and the sparkling sapphire blue ocean.

Soneva Jani nestles on Medhufaru island, part of an unsettled five-island batch in the Noonu Atoll. Pristine beaches fringe the most exclusive resorts in the Maldives. Luxuriant torrid greenery envelopes Soneva Jani, and a lagoon of crystal clear waters provide panoramic 360° views of the Indian Ocean.

Soneva Jani is unique because it has five islets surrounding it. Fringed by pristine beaches and lush tropical greenery, the main island, Medhufaru, is the largest islet. Its extensive gardens provide produce to the resort's dining venues. On Medhufaru, you can wander through the Labyrinth or relax at one of the beach clubs. A tent restaurant serving local delicacies is available on Zuhairs Island. The other three islets remain undeveloped, providing you a place to play the stranded castaway. Soneva Jani features in my Sexiest Honeymoon Resorts in the Maldives.

Accomodations at Soneva Jani

Soneva Jani currently features only 24 water villas and one beach villa, but there are plans for expanding. Each villa is superb. Soneva has a modern design aesthetic. If you love clean lines and soft colors, you will fall in love with your bungalow. The villas each have a vast private pool that spans the entirety of the balcony. And they open to a lovely stretch of lagoon. Even the smallest is substantial; the one-bedroom bungalow is 4400 square feet! And it unfolds over 2-floors. Some water villas feature slides from the top floor into the lagoon below. The villa's highlight is the retractable roof in the master bedroom with a touch of a button. You can slide back the roof and stargaze. If you have a slide, make sure not to use it during low tide unless you want lagoon rash!

Dining at Soneva Jani

The resort features the most massive overwater structure in the Maldives, called the Gathering. At three stories, it is the heart of the resort, and it houses the various dining venues and the spa, a gym, a library, and a boutique. The Gathering features a soaring open-sided atrium with a network of stairs and walkways that connect all the facilities. Also, a giant slide going from the second floor to the ocean provides guests with thrills.

Soneva Jani restaurants impress because the menus are as extravagant as the resort; everything is the highest quality and presented with care and attention. There are five dining outlets offering international cuisines and private dining experiences. The chefs tickle both your taste buds and eyes. The main restaurant, called So Fresh, provides a sumptuous breakfast buffet, lunch, and dinner. It has many nooks, boardwalks, and decks so that every meal can be a new experience. It also features an elegant tasting room, So Imaginative. Do you desire an adventure with dinner? Heat to So Engaging, where the chef prepares a mystery meal. Maybe you want to up the romance factor? Check out the intimate Observatory. It offers four tables outfitted with screens linked to the telescope. A sumptuous dinner under the stars who could ask for anything more? Indulge your sweet tooth at So Guilty, where you can have delicious chocolates, bonbons, truffles, and pralines. Need to cool off? At So Cool, you choose from many ice creams and sorbets. Lastly, you can dine on the best sashimi while watching a classic movie at Cinema Paradiso. It was my favorite venue because I love classic movies.

Adventures on Soneva Jani

At Soneva Jani, you can explore your water villa and soak up the sun rays in your private pool. If you want to leave your villa, don't worry, you will find many incredible adventures to get your heart pumping. The watersports are numerous and remarkable. You can spend days snorkeling the reefs, surfing, kayaking, windsurfing, sailing, and paddleboarding.

Robinson Crusoe Castaway Picnic

Do you need alone time? A yacht will whisk you away to a private lagoon, allowing you to picnic, snorkel, and play on a secluded beach. You will enjoy the tranquility of the castaway experience without worrying that rescue is not on the way.

North Beach Private Island Breakfast

Are you early risers? Does watching the sunrise over a pristine ocean give you shivers? Let Soneva Jani take you away to the soft powdery sands. Have a leisurely breakfast on the seashore. As you marvel at a delicious meal, bask in the sun's almost spiritual moment.

Sunset Dolphin Cruise

Watch dolphins frolic in the light of the setting sun. Cruise deeper water while indulging in canapés, wine, and making lifelong memories. Although dolphin sightings can not be guaranteed, the captain knows their favorite places.

Cinema Paradiso

The cinema is silent (you will have headphones to hear the movie, they don't want to scare the fish). Watch classic and contemporary films beneath the stars. While their chefs craft comfort food and nibbles. Refreshing cocktails, complimentary popcorn, and ice creams are also available.

Local Fishing Experience

The people of the Maldives revolve around the ocean. It provides them with livelihoods. Soneva Jani has local fisherman, Jawa, and you can spend the day learning traditional Maldivian fishing. A chef at the resort will prepare your catch to your liking.

Soneva Jani is a fantastic resort, and it is undoubtedly among the top resorts the world over. I have never stayed at a resort that is as mesmerizing as Soneva Jani. Without any doubt, it is the best resort in the Maldives. It is redefining perfection. If you want to learn more about the Maldives, read my 21 Maldives Tips You Need to Know Before You Go.

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