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Avoid Honeymoon Disasters (Part 1)

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Your honeymoon is the most important trip you will ever take. Every couple wants to experience romantic fantasy. But it can be challenging to plan the perfect honeymoon. Trust me on this; I plan 50 honeymoons a year. Handling the minutia of travel logistics and managing to include romance can be a hard balance. To help make sure that you don't wind up settling for a less the perfect honeymoon, find out how to avoid the honeymoon mistakes everyone makes.

Mistake number 1: Not giving yourself enough time to plan correctly. Your honeymoon should be a truly fantastic experience. However, the stress of planning a wedding can be overwhelming, couples often let plans for their all-important honeymoon slide. Waiting to the last minute is almost always a huge mistake. If you won't be happy without a specific type of room (for instance, an overwater bungalow) and they are all sold out because you didn't start planning until three months out, you will be devastated. Planning should begin at a minimum of six to nine months in advance.

Mistake number 2: Doing all the planning yourself. The honeymoon is a special event in a couple's life and therefore, it is for BOTH of you! Even if one of you wants to be surprised, make sure you have gotten input on the wants and needs of your fiancee. Communication is massive in relationships. Make sure you start your marriage off right by communicating about your honeymoon desires!

Mistake number 3: Leaving for your honeymoon the morning after you say "I do." Heading to the airport the morning after you were up late, partying the night away is a terrible decision. You are going to be extremely tired after your wedding. Give yourselves a day to rest before you leave for your honeymoon. Starting out tired and grumpy makes for a dicey beginning to what should be the romantic vacation of a lifetime. Don't want friends or family to find you after the wedding? Check into an undisclosed hotel in town.

Mistake number 4: Failing to set a realistic budget for your honeymoon. Perhaps you have not traveled much and don't know what your 'dream' trip is likely to cost you. Get expert advice. Set up a consultation with a travel expert. Let them help you sort through the many available choices. I can give you a rough estimate of the total cost just by knowing where and when you want to go during a phone consultation. I have had hundreds of clients say, "We want to go to Bora Bora, and we have a $4,000 budget. What can you do for that?" My response is to talk about why you chose Bora Bora. Then we will talk about a realistic budget for a week with flights (about $10,000). Next, we will look at islands in the Caribbean that will give you the feel of Bora Bora (luxury, romance, and private bungalows) at a price point that you can afford.

Mistake number 5: Missing out on special perks because the right people don't know you are newlyweds. Honeymoon perks are plentiful, but you have to know who to ask. The concierge and the front desk people are your front line workers to get you those upgrades you so richly deserve. An experienced honeymoon planner knows who to contact to get you free upgrades and special treatment.

Honeymoon planning is harder than it looks! When in doubt, get help. Come back to read parts 2 and 3 of my Honeymoon Mistakes Everyone Makes.

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