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10 Questions to Help You Find Your Perfect Honeymoon Destination

There is a big world, so selecting the best honeymoon destination is daunting. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of places from which to choose. Do you want a luxury romantic journey to the Mediterranean or an adventure-filled trip to Bali or Belize? Does your bucket list include the Big Five? A honeymoon safari in South Africa would be ideal. Does your perfect honeymoon include gazing at the ocean from your private pool on your overwater bungalow in Bora Bora or the Maldives? Your dream honeymoon may involve a swim-up bar at an all-inclusive in the Caribbean. Is a dude ranch in Wyoming more your style? What if you have no idea or so many ideas you can't narrow it down? If that is the case, I am here to help you out. I am sharing my honeymoon quiz to help you find the perfect destination.

What is your optimal travel time?

  • A. It takes as long as it takes; getting there is half the fun (13 hours or more.)

  • B. Jetlag never killed anyone (8-13 hours)

  • C. I don't want to waste half of my vacay on a plane (6-8 hours)

  • D. If driving or a train isn't possible, I want quick, hopefully, nonstop flights. (2-6 hours)

How much time off do you have for your honeymoon?

  • A. 2 weeks or longer

  • B. 1-2 weeks

  • C. 1 week

  • D. 4-7 days

You will find __________ in my suitcase.

  • A. Tons of new bikinis, flip-flops, and sunscreen.

  • B. Designer clothes and shoes.

  • C. Pocket translator and comfy shoes.

  • D. Hiking boots and maps.

How would you describe yourselves as a couple?

  • A. First Class is the only way to travel.

  • B. We love good food, wine, and exploring the world.

  • C. We love an excellent heart-pumping adventure.

  • D. We love the beach, but we also love getting our hands dirty.

What will your first meal be when you arrive at your destination?

  • A. A frozen adult beverage and canapes.

  • B. A gourmet dish and a vintage bottle of wine.

  • C. A local delicacy.

  • D. Burger and fries.

What is the view from your dream suite?

  • A. Cerulean blue waters as far the eye can see.

  • B. Quaint medieval villages and adorable cafes.

  • C. It changes daily: one-day waterfalls and the following bustling cities.

  • D. Wide open skies and garden paradises.

What is your main honeymoon priority?

  • A. Pampering ourselves, we've earned it.

  • B. Immersing ourselves in culture and history.

  • C. Exploring an exotic location.

  • D. Having fun wherever the day takes us.

What activity sounds the most like you?

  • A. Escaping to a private deserted island for the day.

  • B. A walking city food tour.

  • C. Ziplining over a jungle.

  • D. Horseback riding on the beach.

What is your budget?

  • A. S12K or above

  • B. $8-12K

  • C. $5-8K

  • D. $3-5k

What is the last thing you do before heading home?

  • A. Full day at the spa.

  • B. Visit a boutique for a few honeymoon keepsakes

  • C. Return our rented bikes.

  • D. One last stop at our favorite food truck.

Time to tally up your score!

*Please note several destination suggestions can fit into more than one category. For instance, South Africa could fit into A, B, or C*

Mostly As: you want an extraordinary destination with your luxury lifestyle. You will find the pampering you deserve in one of these destinations: Maldives, Fiji, Tahiti, Seychelles, or Madagascar.

Mostly Bs: you desire culture and iconic vistas. Italy, Greece, Spain, France, Australia, Napa Valley, and South Africa would all be spectacular choices for you.

Mostly Cs: you have the travel bug and can't seem to shake it. Unique destinations like Bali, Japan, Thailand, Finland, Peru, Belize, and New Zealand are perfect for an adventurous couple.

Mostly Ds: you are easy to please and want a laid-back but fun honeymoon without much travel time. Look to honeymoon standards like the Caribbean, Hawaii, NYC, Wyoming, Arizona, or Canada.

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