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Winter Dates to Keep the Spark Alive

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As the snow wafts softly to the ground, your thoughts turn to the only two words that fill you with as much joy as an adult as they did when you were a child: Snow Day. No work, no school, no responsibilities. Just you and the one you love together for days on end--without interruption, without outside contact, without a break. Oh no! Winter dates don't have to involve a lot of couch sitting and channel surfing. There are a ton of activities for keeping the spark alive during those dreaded cold spells.

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1001 Arabian Nights

Turn your living room into your very own oasis. Channel your inner Scheherazade and keep him enthralled with just your captivating self. Throw in a little belly dancing, and you will thank me later.

Snuggle-In Movie

Take the oasis you made and turn it into a snuggle-in movie theater. Fluffy pillows, warm blankets, warm-buttery popcorn, hot chocolate, and your favorite movies. What could be better?

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Show Him, S'More Love

Roaring fire and s'mores turn this night into his fantasy camping trip without the yucky outdoor bathrooms part.

Spice It Up a Notch

Get out the pots and pans and channel your inner Iron Chef. Divide up the courses and compete to see who can come up with the best recipes. The secret ingredient for every dish is chocolate. The best part is you get to eat what you make.

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Play in the Snow

Remember how much fun playing in the snow was when you were young? That fun doesn't have to end just because you are an adult. Go sledding, build a fort, make snow angels, have a snowball fight. When you get home, you can spend the rest of the night, warming each other up. Who said play dates couldn't be sexy?

Play the Date Night Lottery

Take a simple jar, and each of you writes 20 date night activities on a Popsicle stick. Mix them up, and each of you picks 1 (yep, you can use this jar repeatedly). The dates can be sexy or silly or anything in between. Just be creative and have fun.

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels

Hit the Rink

Go ice-skating. You may get some bumps and bruises, but you can always get out your stethoscope and play doctor when you get home.

Improve Your Mind

Read a book together. You can discuss all the plot details, or better yet, act out all the naughty parts.

Double Bubble Trouble

Is there a better way to warm up after all that cold than a bubble bath for two? Don't forget the champagne, candles and scented lotion.

Say Aloha to Winter

Just because the temperature is below zero outside doesn't mean it has to be inside. Turn up the heat, pull out the bikini, mix up mai tais, and put on your favorite surf movie.

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Play Dress Up

That LBD that is burning a hole in your closet, get it out and wear it. Everyone feels better about themselves when they look their best, so dress up and turn an evening at home into something special.

You can kick those winter doldrums and heat those cold nights; you need to put your thinking caps on. These winter date ideas will help you keep the spark alive.

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