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9 Reasons I Love Bora Bora & You Will Too

Bora Bora, in French Polynesia, is the quintessential romantic destination. It tops the list of the best honeymoon destinations in the world. A Bora Bora getaway fulfills every romantic impulse you heart could envision. It is a tropical paradise that will heighten your senses and increase your appreciation of each other. Here are the Reasons I Adore Bora Bora & You Will Too.

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Natural Beauty

Pristine natural beauty blesses every inch of Bora Bora. Palm trees ring the island and sway with the gentle breeze. Warm, bright, cerulean blue ocean waters softly lap against pure white-sand beaches. When you add in majestic Mt Otemanu, an extinct volcano in the center of the island, and you know God certainly took his time perfecting Bora Bora!

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Remote Paradise

Yes, getting to Bora Bora from the US is a long haul, but it is worth the trip. The remoteness of the island is also a huge selling point for couples that put a premium on privacy. Did you know that more people fly into Honolulu, Hawaii during any ten days in July, than go to Bora Bora in a full year? Have you always wanted to be stranded with your lover in paradise? You will feel like that from the moment you step foot on Bora Bora's unspoiled shores.

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Idyllic Resorts

Each of the resorts in Bora Bora is a retreat from your every day. Prepare to be pampered like royalty. Bora Bora took resorts to a whole new level in luxury and romance. If you want to learn more about hotels on the island, read our Sexiest Honeymoon Resorts in Bora Bora.

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Overwater Bungalows

Thatched-roof villas perched above the blue lagoon, the recipe for a romantic retreat! Overwater bungalows provide a secluded haven for relaxing in the balmy evening air. Are you looking for unique romantic experiences? Have breakfast delivered by a floral decorated out-rigger canoe. Want to learn more about overwater bungalows? Read our Essential Tips for Picking Your Overwater Bungalow.

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Idyllic Weather

The balmy, warm island air caresses your skin and mingles with the island fragrances to create an enhanced sense of intimacy. Bora Bora has to seasons (which are opposite of our seasons) summer and winter. The temperature in Bora Bora is steady throughout the year, plan on temperatures in the mid to high 80's. Summer can rainy and wet, so plan appropriately.

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Indulgent Spas

Say aww! Secluded and tranquil with lush tropical settings, Bora Bora spas are a delight to the senses. Immerse yourself in island sights and scents while you indulge in treatments that incorporate Polynesian oils, flowers, and plants.

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Fun and Unusual Activities

The watersports are top-notch. When you can snorkel directly off your balcony, there is an added element of intrigue. Indulge in picnics on private uninhabited islands; hike to tops of a volcano; go on a jeep safari in the jungle, or possibly learn a traditional Tahitian dance. I highly recommend the sunset champagne sailing tours. And don't forget to do a little island hopping to get a taste of the nearby islands; they all have a different feel and vibe.

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Tahiti is famous for its black pearls. Go diving and see if you can discover one on your own. Don't worry if you don't there are tons of jewelry shops in Bora Bora. They will help you pick out a lovely gift to surprise your sweetie.

There is so much to love about Bora Bora. This list barely scratches the surface. I could have done 109 Reasons I Adore Bora Bora, and that wouldn't give you a full picture of the island. Have I given you a reason to love Bora Bora?

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