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How to Ensure Mom Enjoys Family Trips Too

Well, spring is here already, and summer will be along faster than you know! How is a mom supposed to relax when everyone depends on her year-round? We are so busy taking care of everything, including worrying about our family's vacation, that we often don't make enough time for ourselves even on vacation. Well, that ends now, moms need rest, too! So moms here's how to ensure mom enjoys a family trip also.

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Negotiate time off with your spouse before you leave home and adhere to it. Before you leave home, make it clear to your kids (small and big, maybe husband included) that mama will be rocking a slow groove during vacation. Even if you enjoy getting up early in the morning, take mornings off. Let the kids get used to you not catering to their every need in the morning!

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Adopt a positive mental attitude about your vacation. Visualize the vacation experience you want, clear your head of worries, and embrace the moment when you arrive at your destination. Start each morning with meditation; this will help slow your heart rate and relax your muscles. If you have the option, sign up for morning yoga or Tai Chi (even if you've never practiced before). Otherwise, pick up your phone, turn up the tunes, and go for a leisurely walk by yourself every morning.

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Pick a place kids of all ages will enjoy. Pick a family-friendly destination and resort, choose an option with lots of activities for your age range. With the help of a travel consultant, you can find resorts that have fun kids programs for you. Discuss the resorts with your kids and ask for their opinions because nothing ensures a lousy vacation experience like taking kids to an adult-oriented resort or dragging them along to museums, etc.

Maintain a balance between busy and relaxed. Being active has positive emotional and psychological effects by producing uplifting endorphins, while quiet time reduces stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. So, maintain the right balance between high activity and relaxation so that you can enjoy the best family vacation ever!

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Soak up some rays. The sun rejuvenates us; we crave it. It automatically makes you feel worry-free. So, before the day gets too hot, get out there and soak in the Vitamin D.

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See you, social media. Social media is fantastic, but continually updating your status for your friends on Facebook, etc. can make you feel anxious about whether you are having a great vacation. Who needs judgment or random suggestions about what you should try while on vacation? So stop!

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Enjoy a spa day; pamper yourself a little. Get a massage, Mani/Pedi, or a blowout. When you feel great about yourself, the stress melts away. Bet your spouse notices, too!

Go on a date. Take advantage of babysitting (if it is available) and get some adults-only time with your sweetie. Otherwise, make it a family date night! Be it a dinner and a movie, or a night at the amusement or arcade, spend quality time being silly and carefree with your loved ones; you'll feel great and always cherish the memories!

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Let your inner child out to play. Don't sweat the small stuff; ask your kids about activities they would love to do. Pick a few that you can handle and enjoy them together as a family!

Mom might not be traveling much this year, thanks Coronavirus. But these tips will also help in the social distancing life we currently lead. Make next Mother's Day super special. If you need some advice on up-leveling your Mother's Day gifts, you can read our Take Mother's Day from Ordinary to Extraordinary.

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