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Things Every Couple Overlooks When Honeymoon Planning

You've said, "I do's," and now it's time to unwind. But the truth is, not all honeymoons are equal. If you want champagne when you arrive, the room with the view, and a spot on some of the best tours, then your best bet is to work with a trusted travel advisor. That's where I come in! But if you plan to DYI your honeymoon, I want to reveal all the things that every couple overlooks when honeymoon planning.

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Set a Budget and Stick to It

Of course, you want your honeymoon to be memorable. But you probably don't want to spend the rest of your life paying it off. Be realistic about what you can afford and the destinations that fit into the budget. If you can reasonably afford to spend $3,000, you will need to cross Bora Bora off your possible destination list.

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Forget to Use a Honeymoon Registry

If you dream of Bora Bora but don't think you can afford it, you need to consider using a honeymoon registry. A registry is an excellent fit for couples that don't need household items. If you want to learn more about registries, you can read my Is a Honeymoon Registry Right for You, Take the Mystery Out of Honeymoon Registries, and 6 Registries to Get Your Honeymoon Paid in Full.

Forget to Check Weather Patterns

Are you considering a tropical destination? If yes, you need to understand hurricanes and rainy seasons before you settle on a honeymoon destination, research weather patterns at the time of your wedding. If the weather is iffy when you would be there, choose another locale or postpone your trip until the weather cooperates.

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Forget Necessary Travel Documents

It never fails; every year, I have at least one couple that calls me the night before they are supposed to leave, saying that one of their passports is expired. Make sure you have up-to-date travel documents if you're traveling internationally! If you're heading straight to the airport from the reception, pack essential travel documents in your carry on bag.

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Forget to Pack Essentials

Don't get so excited packing tons of bikinis for your tropical vacay that you forget to pack essentials like sunscreen, bug spray, and OTC medicine. If you have to purchase these at a resort gift shop, you will pay through the nose.

Forget to Plan Downtime

It is so easy to get so excited about your honeymoon that you pack your schedule with tons of activities. You don't want to overschedule yourselves because you won't have time to relax. If you choose a place ideal for sightseeing, make sure you schedule days with nothing to do.

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Forget Health Requirements

Some places have specific vaccination requirements, so check the Center for Disease Control website to list shots needed for each country. Coronavirus has caused multiple destinations to enact health requirements for entry. Make sure you are getting up-to-date info from directly from the health department of your destination.

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Forget to Book Transfers

It never fails that people forget to book airport transfers when they plan their trips. People always think that they can grab a taxi or Uber when they arrive. Remember that lots of other people who also need rides to their hotel. Go ahead and set up a transfer, so you aren't walking around the airport with all your luggage trying to find an empty car.

Forget to Purchase Travel Insurance.

A honeymoon is an investment, and you need to protect it—purchase travel insurance. Knowing you can get your money back will give you peace of mind. And insurance prepares you in the event of an emergency.

Forget to Tell Everyone Your Newlyweds

Don't be shy? Tell everyone that you are honeymooners when booking your trip. Many places will offer upgrades and amenities to help you celebrate married life!

Your honeymoon should be magical. That's where I come in! I would love to work with you on your plans. I can book your flights, hotels, accommodations, and all of those little extra unique details you won't get access to when you book yourself, or with a large online booking engine. You don't want to overlook these things when you are honeymoon planning.


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