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Overwater Bungalows You Can Actually Afford (Part 2)

Photo by Furaveri Island Resort & Spa

Overwater villas top many honeymooners' wish lists. With prices $1,500 per night and higher, they might remain a mirage. Fortunately, budget-friendly overwater bungalows exist, and as resorts in the Caribbean become more luxurious and romantic, bungalows are popping up closer to home. Don't worry; you don't have to give up your dream trip to the South Pacific! Inexpensive options are available from Belize to the Maldives, and they don't lack luxury and privacy. Here are the overwater bungalows you can afford (Part 2).

The rates at Sun Siyam are even more remarkable when you consider that the Jacuzzi Water Villa ($400 per night) is huge on both the inside and outside. The location is remote, so seaplane is required, but Sun Siyam includes breakfast and dinner every day.

Back resorts in the Caribbean, St. George's in Belize caters to couples, and it is perfect for honeymooners. Several packages exist for divers and adventurers, including SCUBA and land-based activities. Your room price includes non-motorized watersports; prices start at $475 per night.

This stunning new resort is more inviting and luxurious than other eco-resorts, and the inexpensive room rates ($270 per night) make it even more alluring. The Pulo Cinta has 15 overwater bungalows ranging from 1 to 3 bedrooms. The resort is only reachable by boat because it lies off the Indonesian island of Sulawesi.

With 20 brand new overwater bungalows, Summer Island offers one of the best-value OWBs globally, with prices starting at $300. Summer Island does offer all-inclusive plans, which is essential for honeymooners heading to the Maldives because food is pricey. If you are searching for an affordable Maldives water villa getaway, this is one to consider for sure.

Back to French Polynesia, a stay at the Royal Huahine presents one of the best values for OWBs that you'll find. A quick flight from the main island of Tahiti lies the island of Huahine. It allows you to encounter the lively turquoise waters and spectacular sandy beaches found throughout French Polynesia. Huahine remains a relatively undiscovered spot that is considerably more affordable. Their overwater bungalows start at $315 a night.

With 20 OWBs and only 30 bungalows in total, the Drift Thelu is one of the smaller hotels on this list and one of the newest. Couples wanting to get away from their everyday will love the seclusion. If you are looking for a boutique resort without TVs, Drift might be for you, and with prices starting at $450 per night, it is a steal.

Opened in 2016, the Lexis Hibiscus has a whopping 522 overwater villas, each with its private pool. It is the largest overwater resort globally, near the Kuala Lumpur Airport. Everything is well-appointed with luxury amenities. Surprisingly, the large villas start at $200 per night.

The 12 overwater bungalows at the Le Meridien are the least expensive and most accessible in Tahiti. It is only a few miles from Papeete Airport. Don't worry; it's not in the path of incoming planes! You can reach these OWBs from Los Angeles with only a single 8-hour flight. Le Méridien is a lovely luxury resort, so it is an excellent value at $300 per night.

If you're looking for inexpensive overwater villas, Malaysia is an excellent starting point. Lying between a charming beachfront and tropical rainforest, Berjaya Langkawi is brimming with beauty. Perfect for nature lovers, it features four separate water villas. The resort features eight different restaurants and bars, a host of recreational activities, and more. The price starts at $300 per night.

The Mercure Maldives has launched with surprisingly excellent reviews. It is home to 43 water villas. One exciting thing about this resort is that it has a small airport to get here on a regular domestic flight rather than the seaplane service. If rates remain at $300 per night, the Mercure will be turning away honeymooners.

You'll fly into Papeete and then take a short puddle jumper to Tikehau Island. The Tikehau has the least expensive OWBs in the South Pacific. The 24 water bungalows are reasonably extensive and offer a wide range of activities, and the prices start at $350 per night.

One of the newest entries in the crowded Maldives luxury resort market, the Furaveri, offers 14 luxurious and enormous OWBs starting at $260 per night. It is a miracle if you can find large overwater bungalows in the Maldives for under $500 per night. The island is relatively isolated even for the Maldives, but the plane offers majestic views of this gorgeous corner of the world.

These are overwater bungalows you can afford. If you dream of a romantic getaway in an overwater villa but need to keep costs low, these stunning resorts will be a great place to start. Please note that all prices are starting points and are for the low season. If you travel during peak seasons, you can expect that the nightly rate will be higher.


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