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Things You Need to Know Before Your Post-COVID Trip

Photo by Vitor Pinto on Unsplash

Thoughts of traveling may seem daunting after months of quarantine. Many people are wondering about traveling. Where should we go? Will we feel safe? Will we book a trip only to have to cancel it later? I can't answer these questions. But now that travel gates open, I can help you traverse the world of post-COVID-19 travel. Now that the travel gates are available, you need to be ready to book that trip because millions of other travelers are eager to continue exploring the world! So here are the things you need to know before your first post-COVID-19 trip.

Where Can You Go?

There are so many places to experience worldwide, and I can help you pick the right destination for you. But the pandemic has made travel difficult. Not every country is opening simultaneously, and many open destinations require lengthy quarantines. The virus is surging in multiple destinations. Cruises are on hiatus until the Spring of 2021. There are so many considerations when planning your first trip post-quarantine.

You will need to do extensive research before booking any trip! But you also need to be aware that the situation is currently in flux, so restrictions and requirements can change after booking. Make sure you keep abreast of all updates. I had clients that had a trip scheduled for Jamaica in October 2020; after booking the trip, Jamaica changed their entry requirements to include a negative COVID-19 taken within three days of arrival. When they booked the trip, there wasn't a health requirement, but my clients had to comply before entering the country.

Are There Local Restrictions?

Even if you can get to your destination, you need to know if things will be open when you get there! Another client of mine wanted to travel to Colorado for a birthday celebration this Fall. When I started researching possible cities, I found many activities and restaurants were closed and not planning on reopening. Do you want to jet off to your dream destination only to spend a week stuck in your hotel? Probably not. The shutdowns affected thousands of small businesses, so do your due diligence and make sure that the things you want to see and do are available. If the destination remains shut down, you will most likely want to choose another destination.

What is Cancelation Policy?

If we have learned anything from 2020, it is that plans can change quickly. It is essential to understand the cancellation and change policies. It would be best if you worked with companies that offer clear and flexible guidelines. Since March, I have worked to cancel or postpone trips and successfully obtaining credits or refunds. It is vital to protect your monetary investment from a pandemic or any other unforeseen event.

Travel Insurance

Should you purchase travel insurance? In a word, absolutely. Even before the pandemic, I always highly recommended purchasing insurance. Travel insurance has always been a critical component of planning a trip, but now it's more than ever. Travel insurance will cover medical expenses if needed at your destination and protect an early flight home or an extended stay. But not all insurance is equal. You will want to book a "Cancel at Any Time for Any Reason" because a pandemic is not a covered reason for most policies. Insurance is cumbersome, but I can connect you to my preferred travel insurance company (Travelex or Allianz) to review details or answer any questions.

How to Stay Safe Traveling?

Determining whether to have a private or shared travel experience will be critical for many! Will you feel comfortable on a tour or a cruise ship with bunches of strangers? Don't worry; I only plan custom and bespoke trips. My itineraries are private and highly personalized. You will have personal drivers and guides to help make your vacation exceptional and safe. Visit the main tourist sites off-hours to bypass the crowds or explore the countryside – there are so many magnificent places to encounter outside the touristy attractions. I can also direct you to boutique hotels or help you find private villas, so you aren't stuck with hundreds of strangers. If you want to learn more about villa trips, read my Reasons You Need to Plan a Villa Trip.

Do You Have Trusted Travel Partners?

Don't leave planning your trip to an online booking engine! Your time is valuable, so make sure your getaway is perfect for you. Travel Designers, like me, ensure your interests are the only priority when planning your trip. And you will have my cell number and call me at any time. I partner with local companies in each country. The companies with which I partner are also available 24 hours a day. They are there to answer any questions or assist you with unforeseen circumstances. Their premium service will ensure your trip is incredibly memorable and carefree. If you want to read more about working with me, read my You Would Be Crazy Not to Use a Travel Advisor.

COVID-19 has changed the world and made us realize our lives can change in an instant. Sometimes it feels that everything is out of our control. But you can be in control of your vacation planning. Make sure you understand these things you need to know before your post-COVID-19 trip.


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