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World's Most Spectacular Cruises To Add To Your Bucket List

Photo by Regent Seven Seas Cruises

The world is a huge place that hosts many must-see destinations. If you are planning your next trip and looking for inspiration on which incredible destination to travel to, this article is for you. Here, we’ll discuss the world’s most spectacular cruises that must be on your bucket list.

While a bucket list will vary from person to person, these are some of the places you shouldn’t miss; from Alaska to the Norwegian fjords, up to the borders of Antarctica, and the mesmerizing beaches in Galapagos. But before we get into the details and discuss the destinations we think are best explored on a vessel, it is worth mentioning that for the best experience, you should opt for a private cruise charter.

Private cruises on small ships bring a different type of experience, mostly personally tailored, and will allow for an extremely safe and enjoyable adventure. Small ship cruises amend the itineraries per clients’ requests and ensure everyone is enjoying the ride the way they expect. Addiontlay, they usually visit the most remote parts of our amazing planet, being able to dock on hidden island gems and offer an experience that is incomparable to any other cruise or travel adventure. And for that type of epic experience, we recommend you check the offers at


Photo by Jackman Chiu on Unsplash

If you are looking to explore this enchanting piece of land in the Pacific Ocean, we’ll provide you with some top reasons why you should do it. The Galapagos Islands are remote, pristine, and picturesque islands straddling the Equator. They were formed from the hot magma rising on the top of the Nazca tectonic plate and turned into breathtaking landscapes with scenic views.

Charles Darwin said that these islands were his inspiration when he described the theory of evolution in his book “The Origin of Species.” Seeing the incredible diversity of the wildlife and endemic species set up the fundamentals of the early understandings of evolution.

Thirteen of the Galapagos islands originate from volcanoes, while many are still untouched by the human hand. You can take a yacht or a cruise to explore the reefs and island shores and enjoy the captivating geography.

Well, now let’s take a look at the most amazing places you should definitely visit by hopping on a cruise ship!


Photo by McKayla Crump on Unsplash

Alaska is a must-see destination and also one of the most majestic vistas in the world. The Mendenhall Glacier is the home of amazing landscapes and picture-perfect snaps for your social media channels.

Furthermore, you can enjoy watching bald eagles, whales, and grizzly bears as you stroll down the magnificent shorelines. For nature lovers, a high recommendation is the Denali National Park for an unforgettable experience.

In Alaska, you can discover the connection between the culture and the abundance of the continent's natural beauty, take a northern lights tour or go on a mountain adventure.

The Norwegian Fjords

Photo by Robert Bye on Unsplash

The Norwegian fjords are the hottest topic amongst cruisers. It allows nature lovers to enjoy the majestic views of the fjords and appreciate the beauty of our Earth. The activities you can have with this cruise include visiting Norwegian villages and picturesque cities, taking a glance at the glorious mountains and breathtaking waterfalls, and going whale-watching.

The fjords offer a unique opportunity to enjoy the raw beauty of the landscapes and soak in the magnitude of the surroundings.


Photo by Derek Oyen on Unplash

Another destination that must be on your bucket list is Antarctica. Cruising is the best way to reach Antarctica, so you can either book an expedition sailing and explore this marvelous continent, or get a close-up experience with the local penguins with a sail-by cruise.

With the sail-by cruise you will sail near the Antarctic shores, however, setting a foot on the land is not allowed. Visiting the areas with the glorious icebergs is a one-of-a-lifetime experience. Only then you can start comprehending the vast scale of the continent and marvel through the iceberg route.

Many areas of Antarctica are untouched by humans and are still endeavored in the wilderness. Here, you can see evidence of the great expeditions of the Shackleton’s hut at Cape Royds and explore many birdwatching opportunities.


Photo by Ganapathy Kumar on Unsplash

Hawaii is a well-known cruising destination for many travelers who are seeking a relaxing type of vacation. Hawaii is a paradise on Earth with its curling waves hitting the sandy beaches, the active volcanoes peaking through the distant mist on the mountains, and the delicious cuisine.

There are two ways to cruise to Hawaii, either by sailing or a cruise. We’d recommend taking a cruise since it offers many options and it’s a more flexible choice.

Amazon Cruise

Photo by Arnie Chou on Pexels

Taking an Amazon cruise is great for the ultimate jungle adventure. The cruises usually embark from Lima or Peru, depending on your itinerary and the company you’ve booked the deal at, and can include excursions at the national reserve in Pacaya-Samiria.

There are many activities to endorse on the cruise, spotting toucans, monkeys, sloths, pink dolphins, and macaws, or taking a shore excursion as a jungle walk. You can even visit an indigenous village and learn more about the Amazonian culture, heritage, traditions, and customs.

Choose Now!

While we’ve covered only a portion of the number of destinations you can visit on a cruise, it’s still worth a try to pick one and pack your bags! These are the cruising destinations that must be on your bucket list, so make sure you are well-informed before you head off to your next adventure.

To learn more about the latest travel news, get tips on how to pack for a cruise, or how to organize your itinerary, visit our blog.

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