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Trendiest Splurge Honeymoon Spots for 2023

Is there a better time to splurge on travel than your honeymoon? After the pandemic, couples know that tomorrow isn't a guarantee. They want to spend their first trip as newlyweds exploring that gorgeous spot that tops their bucket list. These destinations offer a dreamy, exotic, and romantic getaway; these are the most iconic destinations in the world. Here are the best splurge-worthy honeymoon destinations for 2023.

South Africa & Zanzibar

Have you always dreamed of taking a photo safari to spot the Big Five? South Africa is brimming with inspiring cities, immaculate beaches, untouched wilderness, and eternal natural beauty. Whether you take a sunrise tour through the bush on safari or watch the sun vanish over the horizon on a quiet beach, the Rainbow Nation delivers adventures as distinct as its geographical and cultural makeup. After your heart-pumping safari, spending a few nights on the island paradise of Zanzibar will allow you time to relax and recharge before heading home.


Seychelles is the perfect destination to appreciate a mix of laid-back and adventurous honeymoons. Seychelles is well famed for the best beaches lined by historic granite boulders and sky-blue waters. Formed from fragments of an old supercontinent more than 75 million years ago, Seychelles is like no other place on Earth. Do you appreciate warm, crystal turquoise waters gently lapping fine, soft sands? Then Seychelles is for you. They are, in a word: idyllic. Seychelles is home to some of the most fantastic resorts in the world.

Santorini, Greece

With authentic Grecian villages perched on cliff-sides high above black-sand beaches and calderas, Santorini is an ideal destination for honeymooners. Delicious local cuisine, vineyards, and peaceful villages combine to form a diverse island that routinely mesmerizes visitors worldwide. And you can find cave suites with private pools inside. Who wouldn't want to swim inside their suite?

The Maldives

Experience the ultimate luxury honeymoon destination. There is a reason that the Maldives appear on every top honeymoon destination list. It is perfection personified. Stunning beaches, the most incredible resorts on the planet, and impeccable service combine to form the best island destination in the world.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

If Bora Bora is not on your Bucket List, you should reevaluate your whole life. Bora Bora is the answer if you want a genuinely unforgettable getaway. Bora Bora offers a mix of seclusion and adventure. It is the ultimate destination for love and romance: private, gorgeous, and miles and miles away from your real life.


By plane, Anguilla lies in the Eastern Caribbean, 15 minutes north of St. Maarten. Unlike its rocky and hilly neighboring islands, Anguilla is flat. The flat area makes exploring easy by horseback, bicycle, or foot. The island is the epitome of barefoot luxury. There are no casinos, high-rise resorts, or cruise ships to interrupt your honeymoon. Exclusivity and luxury can come with a steep price tag. Luxury resorts and stunning villas cater to jet-setters willing to pay a premium.

Hopefully, this trendiest honeymoon destination of 2023 has inspired you to dream. And I've convinced you that no matter your budget, you can have a luxury romantic getaway once in a lifetime. All it takes is a little time spent with an expert who will get to know you and design your ideal honeymoon.

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