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Splurge vs Save: MakeYour Budget Last

It's easy to get carried away when planning your honeymoon. You've imagined the perfect trip, and immaculate can be pricey! From luxurious resorts and Michelin-rated restaurants to once-in-a-lifetime destinations, budgets can balloon. This article is for you if you've ever wondered where you should splurge and save.

Upgrading to Business / First Class

Have you been dreaming about being on the other side of the curtain during flights? Well, a honeymoon is an ideal time to upgrade, right? Maybe or maybe not. While tempting, spending thousands more for a business/first-class seat can drastically affect your overall travel budget. An option that straddles the line between splurging and saving (although it leans heavily towards a splurge) is checking last minute at the gate if there are any seats available in business class at the time of departure. If there are empty seats, some airlines will sell them off for less than they sell them online – although it can still be a hefty sum. Instead of stretching your budget to reserve business class, ask your travel advisor to book you bulkhead seats with extra legroom or the premium economy section.

Verdict: Save the money for things to see and do at the destination.

Direct Flights

Unless you enjoy layovers and transfers and sitting on tarmacs for any time, splurge for nonstop flights, a splurge can almost always be worth it if it significantly diminishes your hassle while traveling or gives you back your time.

Verdict: Splurge ( it might not be a splurge; direct charter flights are usually less expensive than non-charter flights.)

Travel Insurance

We've all heard horror stories of non-refundable trips gone wrong since COVID invaded our lives. Never before has travel insurance been so important, with rules and regulations changing rapidly from country to country.

Verdict: Travel is an investment; protect it like one.

High-End (read: overpriced) Souvenirs

It can be alluring to want to pick up gorgeous ceramics, local art, or even delectable treats from your favorite destinations. But think ag in. The run-of-t e-mill tourist shops get them in bulk for a fraction of what they're selling to you, without any real story behind them. Visit a local market for artisan-made goods, and snag local delicacies at-where else? The local grocery store! Af er all – they're what the locals eat! Wh le the treats aren't as pretty, they'll be extra authentic.

Verdict: Save


Hotels are tough to call and ultimately really come down to your travel style and desires. For some, a holiday includes 1,000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets and prompt room service, while others want a place to rest their head after days filled with adventure. Ultimately what matters most is location, location, location. Make sure it's accessible to the sites you want to see wherever you choose.

Verdict: It's a Tie. If an incredible room is important to you, splurge. If the experience is more important than where you lay your head, save.

Bucket-List Experiences

I'm talking about the stuff that makes up travel dreams. A hot air balloon ride at sunset in Cappadocia, a private driver on the Amalfi Coast, and an intimate safari experience in Kenya. Whatever is on your dream list, if your budget allows, definitely make it happen. Life is short, and you'll never regret a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience.

Verdict: Splurge.

Whether splurging or saving, I'd love to help make your travel dreams come true! If you don't know where to splurge, a good rule of thumb is to only splurge on the things that are essential to you as a couple. Real-life example: splurge on a destination with great reefs, if you love diving, and save on the hotel.

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