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Flawless Surprise Getaways Are Possible

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Discovering the world is an essential piece of our longevity. My husband knocked our 10th Anniversary out of the park! He gave me a trip for every year of our marriage; I was over the moon. I had a budget to cover all ten trips I had spread over the next two years. We took a weekend getaway to Blackberry Farms in Tennesse, a week in Cabo, a Southern Caribbean cruise, five nights in Jamaica, a river cruise down the Rhine, a college football trip, a treehouse Charleston, Disney with our boys, Jade Mountain in St. Lucia, and strolling the vineyards of Napa. He's even decided that we will do two weeks in Dubai and the Maldives for our 20th Anniversary. You don't need to give ten trips; one perfect getaway will deepen your connection with your love.

Whether it's to reconnect or reawaken your senses, planning a romantic surprise trip is a perfect way to relish experiences without distractions. If your sweetheart is adventurous, then you can't go wrong with preparing a surprise romantic escape. This guide shows you how to pull this off without your lover knowing about it until you both arrive! Imagine their surprise when they discover you have given them the world. It is possible to pull off a flawless surprise getaway.

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Clear Your Schedules

If the getaway is longer than one weekend, you'll need to coordinate with your significant other's boss. For example, if their schedule is erratic, it's ideal to ask their boss to choose the best dates to take off from work.

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Choose a Destination

Choosing a destination involves taking your sweetie somewhere that helps both of you break free from everyday routines.

Relaxing on a tropical island, at a historic hotel, or journeying through the desert doesn't matter. The goal is to leave your lives behind for a little while.

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Pre-Plan for Adventures and Activities

Your significant other might love comedy shows, exploring with a local, or live music. No matter what the activities are, make sure you pre-plan for these activities and adventures. If your partner prefers seeing where the day takes you, make sure that happens. That way, there's plenty of cuddle time, relaxation, and rest.

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Research the Best Places to Eat

If your S.O. loves food, your best bet is to explore the best places to eat before undertaking your voyage. People who love food can travel to new destinations, giving them provocative opportunities to indulge in their senses and contemporary cuisine.

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Pack in Advance

Creating a packing list is the best way to ensure you do not forget anything. You can also ask your lover to grab a bag and pack a few things as you walk out the door. That way, the things you both can't live without don't get left behind.

Consider packing everything into a carry-on to avoid going through the luggage check-in process.

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Determine the Best Time to Reveal

There are a couple of ways you can reveal this surprise romantic trip. First, come up with an excuse for why you must go to the airport together. You can also tell your sweetheart an hour or so before leaving so they can pack a bag of essentials. Another option is to leave clues during the weeks leading up to the trip.

If you're good at keeping secrets, you'll have no problem planning a romantic surprise trip for yourself and your significant other.

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