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These Common Mistakes Will Ruin Your Airbnb Trip

Airbnb changed the hospitality game and provided plenty of charming lodging experiences for travelers worldwide. The site allows you to save money on lodging and connect with locals on an authentic level. Many use Airbnb to replace the hotels; however, staying at an Airbnb is a different ballgame. If you've never visited one, there is a bit of a learning curve. Ensure you don't let these common mistakes ruin your Airbnb trip for a tranquil and pleasant journey.

Location Location Location

You need to understand that "city center" doesn't necessarily mean that your Airbnb will be in the center of the city. Cities can be huge, so a centrally located villa may still be miles away from the things you want to see and do. A better way to judge is right for you, look at it on a map and see exactly how far it is from the sites that interest you. There is a chance that Airbnb's in the perfect area for you might be more expensive. But if you need to weigh in the price of transportation to the right side of town. You can spend hundreds of dollars getting to the area you like.

Forgetting to Check the Cancelation Policy

With Airbnb's, there are six different cancellation policies from which hosts can choose. These range from flexible to very strict. Ensure you understand which policy applies to the listing you're looking at before booking.

Assume Airbnb's and Hotels are Analogous

When you stay at an Airbnb, you must deal with hosts that are not hospitality professionals. The process of engaging and checking in is immensely different than hotels. That isn't necessarily a bad thing; some great hosts will treat you like royalty, but some hosts aren't as good. Don't expect the level of attention and professionalism that you would receive at a luxury resort.

Neglecting to Get Verified

Verification is the simplest way to put a possible host at ease so that they will rent to you: upload government-issued ID and a photo of yourself as ID verification. You can also add email, phone number, and Facebook profile. Remember that hosts are leery about renting to strangers because there is the chance theft, vandalization, and destruction every time they rent their home.

Not Reading the House Rules

To be a respectful guest, you need to follow all of the rules. Read through them before booking to ensure that you're ready to comply. It's also a way to gauge how strict the host is. If there are rules preventing parties, animals, smoking, etc. they will enforce them. You could get kicked out of your Airbnb without a refund if you break the rules.

Don't Fall for Fabulous Photos.

As you peruse Airbnb's site, you will find one gorgeous villa after another. Always remember that a great photographer can make any place look fantastic. Please read the reviews; read all of them. You want to pay particular attention to the newest reviews! A fabulous Airbnb can go downhill, so reviews from 2 or 3 years ago aren't as valuable as reviews posted last week.

Neglecting to Verify the Host

Airbnb requires verification of all hosts, but it's a good idea to do your due diligence. I prefer to deal with professional management companies rather than individuals. Look at the host's profile and read their hosting reviews. I advise booking with hosts who have at least four stars. When possible, use a Superhost because they have a history of providing excellent service.

Contacting the Host Outside of Airbnb

When possible, only communicate with your host on Airbnb. Having a record of your conversations on Airbnb's will protect you from any security issues and potential fraud. Also, run all payments through Airbnb's website. That way, everything is secure in the event of problems or disputes.

Not Confirming Details

Communication is vital for a smooth experience, and you'll want to stay in touch with your host. Confirm your check-in time and details, such as when your flight lands, the day before arrival.

Checking In Early or Late

You are not heading to a hotel, so that you might find very strict check-in and check-out windows. They won't be home all day, so be kind and arrive on time. If an emergency comes up, make sure to let your host know.

Acting Like the Host is your Staff

Airbnb's aren't hotels, and they don't come with maids! You'll want to clean up after yourself. Making the bed could make your host's life easier and get you a good guest rating.

Airbnb's are growing in popularity, especially since COVID-19 has rocked the travel industry. If you want to learn more about vacation rentals, check out my Reasons Why You Need to Plan a Villa Trip. And if you're going to see some of my favorite villas for groups, read my Villa Wedding Venues Guaranteed to Leave You Smitten. People want privacy and security when they travel, so vacation rentals are a perfect option. Make sure to avoid these common mistakes that will ruin your Airbnb trip.


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