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Things You Need to Prepare for Your Honeymoon

After long months or even years of preparing everything for your wedding, every couple deserves to have a fun, exciting, romantic, and luxurious honeymoon trip. Honeymoons are essential for every newlywed to have time to relax, bond, and celebrate the love they both

share. Not to mention, it's one of the best times to spend quality time together, not as boyfriends or girlfriends, but already as newlyweds.

While going on various exciting and luxurious activities like riding a jet plane, trying out new watersports, or having an elegant candlelit dinner could be great ideas for celebrating your love, you have to prepare properly for it so everything will go as smoothly as possible, especially if your honeymoon requires traveling abroad.

Adding romance to your honeymoon could be made possible by preparing your itinerary beforehand and having a checklist. In this way, you'll prevent any hassle and expect a better honeymoon phase with your spouse. Thus, here is a quick list of things you must prepare for when going on a luxurious honeymoon trip.

Your Honeymoon Essentials

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While feeling excited and pumped up as a newlywed is typical, don't forget to pack all your essentials. Pack your skincare essentials, medicines if you're taking medication for maintenance, and clothes based on the weather conditions of your destination.

For example, you'll be having your honeymoon at Regis Bali Resort in Indonesia, where

Channing Tatum and his wife had their honeymoon; ensure that you bring shades, sunblock, and your swimming attire.

Additionally, since you're going on a honeymoon, ensure you have your sexy lingerie ready for that romantic getaway with your better half. Avoid overpacking, as it may add to your excess baggage load, especially on your carry-on items.

Be wise about what you bring with you on your carry-on during a flight, and only carry those you need quick access to. This includes your passport, proof of vaccination against COVID-19, cellphone, chargers, credit cards, and more. Another thing to consider when you prepare your carry-on items is to have a durable and spacious carry-on bag. Try looking online and in-store for one of the trendy carry-on bags available in the market to help you decide which one is best for you.

Your Airline of Choice

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Spending quality time with your better half away from your hometown or traveling is a great way to spark joy and love during your honeymoon phase. Traveling could help you be closer to your partner and discover more about yourself. Not to mention, it gives you the privacy to

enjoy each other's company as you go to places not many people or even no one knows you.

Don't forget to book an airline as soon as possible. Also, the flight industry is booming again since travel restrictions are now lifted. In this sense, book as early as possible to get better seats and reserve your target dates for flying ahead of time. If you book late, it will be hard to get luxurious airlines.

Some airlines cater honeymoon trips which could help make your getaway fun, romantic, and exciting. Ideally, it's best to book airlines that are in the middle seats so you can have comfortable bedding and be comfortable sleeping next to your beloved during your long flights.

Extra Budget

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Given that you're going on a luxurious trip for your honeymoon, it's essential to prepare extra cash. Remember that when you plan for your honeymoon, you should not go overboard on the budget you have prepared. But, sometimes, it's inevitable, especially if you have

additional costs that you need to pay during your trip. Thus, always see to it that you have extra cash with you.

If possible, withdraw cash. If not, ensure you have your essential financial cards and a nearby ATM. The budget you must allot depends on the location you'll be staying at. Expect more expensive services and rentals if you visit famous places like Maldives, festivals, known hotels, and more.

Weather Conditions

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One exciting, luxurious honeymoon idea you could do may not be pushed through if a sudden bad weather condition occurs. For example, you'd go on a cruise trip as newlyweds and have a romantic candlelit dinner, but it was postponed because suddenly a storm was coming, and it wouldn't be safe to travel. Times like this could be a hassle and disappoint couples who would've had one of the most romantic days of their lives. In this sense, don't allow weather conditions to spoil your moment by ensuring you'll have your honeymoon phase in the best weather condition.


Photo by Vows on the Move on Unsplash

Photos will always have sentimental value. So, don't ever forget to bring a camera with you to take wonderful snapshots of your romantic getaway together. After your honeymoon, you may not always be in a honeymoon state in your relationship with your husband or wife, but you can always look at your photos to remind you of the great love you share.

Take photos of the special moments you will have. Do some romantic poses together, and if you don't have a DSLR camera, then a good phone camera will do. Capture the beauty of the new life you now share as husband and wife with photos you will surely treasure forever.

Final Thoughts

Finally, you're about to get married and have started to plan your honeymoon trip with your beloved. Of course, you want it to be as perfect and luxurious as possible. Every couple deserves the best honeymoon they could ever imagine, so refer to the above claims to help you prepare properly and have the best moments with your amazing better half.


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