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Tips for Ensuring You Enjoy Your Flights

Vacations are supposed to be completely carefree romps, where worries instantly melt away. But all too often, people come back from vacation needing a break. I was hoping you could leave your worries behind, so I'm sharing some of my tips that make vacationing a breeze. The first step for any vacation is getting to your destination. Here are tips for bringing some enjoyment into your flights.

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Reserve a good seat. Even within the same class and fare, some seats are far superior to others. Consider an aisle or exit row seat for legroom or a window if you want to sleep. Try to avoid sitting near the bathrooms, as other passengers will be accessing these regularly.

If you plan on trying to sleep, come prepared. Bring a travel pillow or head restraint, and try to avoid using the inflatable ones.

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Bring something to entertain yourself. Usually, movies don't start for some time, and the built-in music selection can be pretty poor, so bring a tablet. You could also get a new book that you like or a portable game.

Always have a couple of recent magazines with you. Picking out new magazines at the airport before you leave is a fun way to start your trip!

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If possible, go with an airline that offers AVOD (Audio Video on Demand), a TV screen in front of your seat that lets you choose what you want to watch or play games.

Bring your headphones. The headphones, usually available on the plane (whether for purchase or for free), generally have poor quality. Noise-canceling headphones and in-ear headphones are fabulous if you have them and can help block out engine noise.

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Bring a toothbrush. And anything else that isn't a liquid or a gel that you need to help freshen up before meeting your loved ones at the end of your long flight. They, and your neighbors in-flight, will be glad you did.

Minimize your carry-on luggage. One backpack is acceptable for the plane, and it is easier to find a place in the overhead bins or under the seat for a small pack than for a giant roller bag.

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Consider bringing your food on board if you care about taste or health. On some airlines, plane food is relatively poor.

Contact your airline in advance to find out if they still offer free meals and potentially request a special meal. Many airlines provide vegetarian, Kosher, Halal, and other "special" meals if you order up to two or three days in advance. And because the airlines have to prepare your meal, it is usually better than the standard food fare. Plus, passengers with special meal requests get served first.

Take some sweets or other snacks with you. Protein bars are beneficial if on a long flight. Most airline meals tend to be low in protein and high in carbohydrates.

You will most likely never see flying as anything more than a way to get from point A to point B. But with a bit of preplanning, you can ensure that you enjoy your flights.

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