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Fairytale Honeymoon Towns in the Amalfi Coast

Nestled just south of Naples, the Amalfi Coast is undoubtedly one of Italy's most beguiling and romantic areas. You will discover picturesque towns backed by rugged mountains and bordered by cerulean blue seas along this awe-inspiring strip of coastline. Romantic getaways hidden away in the hills, historic sites, and innumerable natural attractions await your exploration. While the Amalfi Coast has long been a hotspot for the rich & famous, it's becoming increasingly popular with couples seeking a charming and romantic escape every day. On arrival, you'll understand why people from across the globe gravitate to these stunning shores. These are my top fairytale honeymoon villages on the Amalfi Coast.

Amalfi Town

Once the capital of a maritime republic, Amalfi, with a Moorish feel, pairs its traditional gems with stunning sea views and an animated beach scene. Its cluster of white buildings effortlessly clinging to sheer cliffs overlooking the crystal clear waters below. Amalfi Town features a beautiful promenade and a marina filled with vibrant flags. Adorable cafés and shops litter the town and delight the senses. Realized with the Duomo di Sant'Andrea, the Museo Della Carta, and the Emerald Grotto, you'll find the city utterly fascinating.


Dangling off a cliff's edge, midway between Amalfi town and Sorrento, lies the stunning Positano. A former sleepy village turned upscale romantic IT destination, Positano lures travelers with its captivating views and luscious dolce vita ambiance. It is the Amalfi Coast's most striking and enchanting town, and no amount of tourists can spoil its delightful charm.


Overlooking Naples' lovely Bay, Sorrento is a stunning, culturally rich town, which makes a good base for exploring Positano, Pompeii, and Capri's island. And it is worthy of an extended stay all on its own. Soak up the southern Italian charm in the Renaissance/Baroque Centro Storico – a fascinating labyrinth of narrow alleys and quaint piazzas punctuated by lovely sidewalk cafés. Take a stroll along Marina Grande and partake of fresh seafood at a waterfront restaurant, or stop by the romantic Villa Comunale park for astounding views.


Nestled between two cliffs overlooking the sea, Atrani is one of the coastline's smallest villages on the Amalfi Coast, but it is also one of the most enchanting. It feels miles away from the more well-known towns swirling buzz, with its friendly locals, intimate trattorias, and quaint fishing hamlet feel.


Of all the beautiful towns along the Amalfi Coast, perhaps none is as cultured, elegant, and amorous as Ravello. A sanctuary of calm and beauty nestled in hills high atop the Bay of Salerno. The town is replete with art, spectacular gardens, and heart-stopping stretches of the dazzling landscape below.


One of the more tranquil towns on the Amalfi Coast, Minori is an untroubled fishing village with an upscale feel. It is known as "the town of good taste" because it was a pastry and pasta production center for Naples. Villas and terraces travel up the jagged hillside, and citrus trees dispersed throughout the town. The Minori lemons make up pastries and Limoncello.


With the largest beach in the region, Maoiri is an essential stop when in the area. It offers a lively nightlife with a laid-back daytime atmosphere, offering the perfect balance to anyone that visits. After the original town of Maoiri washed away in 1954, a modern version differed from the other coastline towns and villages. Maoiri is the most fun and vibrant of the Amalfi Coast towns.


A unique mountain seaside town, the city of Furore, offers a tiny population and peaceful air. Its initial residents were farmers, fishermen, and artists, who lived a spartan lifestyle. The town supposedly got its name from the fury of storms with waves crashing against the rocks. Loaded with natural beauty, Furore is home to a fjord that features two distinctive walking trails, La Volpe Pescatrice Path and I Pipistrelli Impazzitti. It is a perfect spot for honeymooners that want to get back to nature.


Praiano is a favored summer home of influential members of the Maritime community along the Amalfi Coast while being a popular and friendly seaside retreat. With exceptional seaside and panoramic views, you can spend some time roaming the beach and discovering the medieval structures throughout. You can spend an afternoon at the shops and restaurants in the village center and take in the flowers' beauty that clings to the neighboring cliffside.

With remarkable scenery and unbelievable views along the entirety of the 30-mile stretch, exploring the Amalfi Coast will make the perfect end to any trip to Italy. These are the fairytale honeymoon villages on the Amalfi Coast.

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