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Dreamy & Romantic Towns in Tuscany

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When people debate the most romantic destinations in the world, Tuscany is usually in the discussion. It is the perfect setting for people in love. Tuscany is laden with rustic villages and ancient Etruscan settlements. This region is one of the loveliest in all of Italy, which is saying a lot! Charming and idyllic towns and secluded hideaways await you in Italy. (Not to mention some of the most magnificent vineyards in the world!) So read on to discover Dreamy & Romantic Towns in Tuscany.


Once an Etruscan settlement, Volterra is known for its alabaster. A stroll through the charming streets will lead to shops selling an array of items made from the luminous stone. 'Twilight' fans will remember Volterra from 'New Moon".

San Gimignano

Forget the Seven Hills of Rome and the Leaning Tower in Pisa, San Gimignano's 15 towers are just as lovely. Out of the 72 towers, only 15 remain. And, they create a skyline of medieval skyscrapers. Indeed, wandering through the city feels like stepping back in time.


A mere 30 miles south of Florence lies endearing Siena. The medieval city is a charming maze of narrow streets. Somehow, all roads seem to lead to Piazza del Campo. Which the picturesque main square in Siena. Restaurants and bars line the square. Sit at the cafe long enough, and the whole world will go by.


The small Renaissance town of Pienza lies in the fabulous Val d'Orcia area. It is so charming! Therefore, it the perfect destination for lovers. Its lovely piazza, palaces, and alleys add to the irresistible charm. Director Franco Zeffirelli chose Pienza as the backdrop for his 'Romeo and Juliet' movie.

Bagno Vignoni

Another town located Val d'Orcia, Bagno Vignoni, is a beautiful medieval town, and it is home to a phenomenal hot spring. An ancient Renaissance pool occupies the main square. Consequently, you can spend your time soaking and relaxing in the gurgling, warm waters.


It may not be as well-known as Florence, but Lucca was Tuscany's capital until the late 10th century. It sandwiches between the vast coastal stretches of the Tyrrhenian Sea and Pisa; Lucca clings to the Serchio River basin's verdant lowlands. This fortified city has retained its Renaissance ramparts and churches. Consequently, giving the impression of a place preserved in amber.


Atop a hill overlooking the Valdichiana sits Lucignano. It's one of the most extraordinary examples of medieval town planning because of its elliptical concentric roads. And you can still wander these old roads today! It is also home to "Tree of Life," a masterpiece of jewelry decorated with coral and crystals.


To pass through the walls of Monteriggioni is to journey back in time. Take a trip back to when Siena and Florence were battling for control of the Tuscany. Built-in the 13th century, the wall marks the boundary between Monteriggioni's inner sanctum and the outside. Wander the sun-splashed piazzas and lush gardens of this lovely village.


She is primarily known for a full-bodied variety of red grape. Montepulciano's countryside explodes with incredible vineyards. But its provincial Tuscan beauty also draws visitors. Discerning couples head to this red-brick and terracotta town on the ridges of the Val' dOrcia every year.


Few cities boast such an inspiring rooftop view as Florence. Imagine splendid Renaissance architecture and spires against a background of rolling hills. The whole city is romantic. Plan to discover surprises around every corner. The Ponte Vecchio offers lovely views of the lights of Florence reflecting in the Arno river. Stroll to Piazzale Michelangelo and take in some of the iconic Renaissance art. Or, get lost in the enchanting mazes of the Boboli Gardens. Read our Wedding Locations Guaranteed to Leave You Smitten if you want to learn more about Florence.

Italy is a splendid romantic destination. And few places in Italy are as passionate and picturesque as Tuscany. It is full of delightful towns that will steal your heart. The area has many charming towns worth a visit, but these are my picks for the most Dreamy & Romantic Towns in Tuscany. If you are looking for a fantastic honeymoon in Italy, read our Perfect Honeymoon in Italy. Tuscany offers numerous activities and sites, read our 62 Romantic Things to See and Do in Tuscany to learn more.

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