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Dreamy Treehouse Honeymoon Resorts

Photo by Alexa West on Unsplash

Have you ever dreamed of living in the trees like Tolkien's exotic wood elves? There are many magical resorts around the globe where you can live out your fantasy. Treehouse honeymoons combine romance, child-like wonder, luxury, and beauty into a single trip that is sure to set the stage for an unbelievable getaway.

Set high above the ground treehouse resorts is a phenomenon to behold. These unusual resorts offer lovely romantic stays. Honeymooners searching for adventure will find them in a variety of stunning destinations across the globe. Here are just a few dreamy treehouse honeymoon resorts.

With treehouses shaped like bird's nests, made with legos or mirrored (so you disappear into the woods), Treehotel is probably the hippest and most unique hotel in the whole world.

What to do in Sweden:

It is winter and adventure-lovers paradise. You can spend your days hiking, skiing, sailing, and exploring cities that are a thousand years old. Spend your nights curled up watching the Northern Lights dance above your heads.

The Bangkok resort drew inspiration from Thoreau's Walden Pond; it is an elevated oasis in a big city's heart. It knows that it won't appeal to everyone because it doesn't have A/C, and the showers are outdoors. This resort is a treehouse for real life. In addition to sleek treetop suites, the hotel offers a "View with a Room," allowing you to relax 23 feet off the ground under the stars without ceilings and walls.

What to do in Thailand:

Bangkok is a bustling capital city appreciated for ornate shrines and vibrant street life. There is always something to see and do in Bangkok. If you want to relax, head to one of the gorgeous islands for some fun in the sun.

Spend your honeymoon in a 30-foot tall two-level platform suite built around a 500-year-old Leadwood tree surrounded by lions and hyenas! The treehouses are Lion Sands come complete with everything you will need for a night in the jungle: a bed and dining on level 2 and bathroom one level 1. Unless you use the two-way radio to call the staff when you need them, it's just the two of you!

What to do in South Africa:

When you are in South Africa, you must take a safari to photograph lions, elephants, rhinos, hippos, giraffes, etc. Perhaps you can spend a day laying by the pool on the resort's main property or sign up for a wildlife lecture.

This resort sits on 10 acres of pristine oceanfront and boasts private beach access. The lush surroundings and peaceful atmosphere ensure the resort is ideal for honeymoons. The lodge has five private houses; each is charming. The Treehouse Lodge is all about luxury and high-end eco vacations.

What to do in Costa Rica:

Costa Rica will appeal to many different kinds of travelers. Sun and surf lovers will find stunning resorts that thrill the senses. Adventure seekers will discover countless activities to get the heart pumping like diving, treetop canopy tours, and whitewater rafting. Eco-travelers will also encounter one of the world's most biodiverse countries.

The Sanya treehouses encompassed by old tamarind trees, and they rest near a 5,000 acre Buddhist and ecological theme park full of temples, pagodas, and gardens. These treehouses offer beach access with lovely views of the South China Sea.

What to do in China:

You are going to want to stroll along the Great Wall and visit pandas at the zoo. But no trip to China would be complete without viewing the terra cotta warriors and sailing down the Yangtze River. China is enormous, so you will not have trouble finding things to kill time.

This Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa nestles in the world's oldest rainforest (135 million years old if you're keeping track). You will find so much to do at the resort, for instance, fishing, mountain biking, horseback riding, kayaking, and rainforest safaris. Tyra Banks has raved about the world-class spa. This famous lodge has only 15 rainforest treehouses, so you need to book your trip early.

What to do in Australia:

Well, you need to start your Australia trip by getting a hug from a koala. Daintree Lodge is only 35 minutes from the Great Barrier Reef, so plan on spending a good portion of your time snorkeling and diving.

There aren't many other places where you can get up and watch the sunrise over the top of the Amazon rainforest. Walk the famous Canopy Walkway 90 feet above ground to get to your honeymoon treehouse. You'll have a front-row seat to some of the rarest and most beautiful wild animals on the globe.

What to do in Peru:

The Amazon Rainforest offers neverending adventures--butterfly houses, jungle hiking, jaguar spotting, bird watching, etc. But no trip to Peru would be complete without hiking the Sacred Valley to Machu Pichu. It is awe-inspiring!

Indulge your inner princess in this adorable treehouse modeled after French chateaux. Tree-Castles are on stilts alongside chestnut and oak trees in Southern France. They include a terraced hot tub and a ground-level infinity pool--roughing it is not required here.

What to Do in Southern France:

Southern France offers fantastic wineries, adorable, quaint villages, and fabulous beaches. You are going to want to leave your castle on high to explore the region.

The picturesque Pacuare Jungle Lodge lies in the Pacuare Jungle's middle — one of the most protected areas in all of Costa Rica. It perches in the middle of the jungle; you'll travel by raft to get there. The raft trip will afford you some of the best whitewater in Latin America. If you are a chicken (like me), you can always take the gondola. Pacuare Jungle Lodge features in my Sexiest Honeymoon Resorts in Costa Rica.

On the banks of the Zambezi River with Victoria Falls, just a stone's throw away. You can spend your time watching gazelles and zebras play. Tongabezi is only for those people who want luxury with their safari!

The mountains and ocean surround Hapuku Lodge and Tree Houses. Each treehouse sets 30 feet above the ground and includes a balcony, fireplace, and a bathroom with heated floors. Anyone else a tad bit concerned about having a fire in a tree?

What to do in New Zealand:

New Zealand is incredibly diverse, and it is not much you can't do. Plan on days spent whale watching, swimming with dolphins and seals, kayaking, deep-sea fishing, biking, surfing, hiking, golfing, and sipping wine. You won't want to miss the Waitomo Glowworm Caves.

Instead of the usual honeymoon suite, plan a treehouse honeymoon. Gorgeous treehouse resorts are popping up in far-flung destinations worldwide. They're romantic, isolated, and they'll give you a chance to role-play Tarzan and Jane.

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