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Choose a Wedding Venue from Netflix's 'Bridgerton'

Photo by Liam Daniel/Netflix

I am a huge fan of Julia Quinn, who brought the Bridgerton clan to us in a series of books that follows eight siblings as they search for love during England's Regency Period. So I was thrilled when Netflix announced that Shonda Rhimes was producing a show based on the family. I binged the entire series on Christmas day in one sitting. And it was indeed one of my favorite shows of 2020. There is nothing I didn't love about the series: it captivated me--excellent cast, mystery, romance, stunning costumes, a new take on modern music, and the sexy romp that is episode six, amirite? I was awed by the beauty of England and the locations. Did you know that most of the castles and manor homes featured in Bridgerton are available for events? That's right; you can choose a destination wedding venue from Netflix's Bridgerton! There are minor spoilers for the show if you are among the few people who haven't watched.

The Bridgerton's Home in Mayfair

Ranger's House in Netfilix's 'Bridgerton' by Netflix

The show opens with a beautiful exterior shot of wisteria and ivy dripping from the stunning brick manor home's gables. In actuality, this is not the Bridgerton family's home; instead, it is an art museum in Greenwich called Ranger's House. To film the interiors of the home, producers chose a royal airforce base, RAF Halton. England has much prettier airforce bases than we do in the US.

Lady Danbury's Home

Holburne Museum of Art in 'Bridgerton' on Netflix

In the show, Lady Danbury raises Simon, the Duke of Hastings, after his mother dies during childbirth. They filmed exterior shots of Danbury at Holburne Museum of Art in Bath, England. Two gorgeous manor homes, Badminton House and Wilton House, combined to form the home's interiors. Both of these also make up the Duke of Hastings' home.

Duke of Hastings' Home

Syon House in 'Bridgerton' on Netflix

The duke's home consists of three manor homes built hundreds of years ago. Exterior shots are from Wilton House in Salsbury, England, the 18th Earl of Pembroke's current home. Interiors are from both Badminton House, the home of the Duke of Beaufort, and Syon House, Duke of Northumberland's London home.

The Featherington Family's Home

Hatfield House in 'Bridgerton' on Netflix

The Featheringtons are close friends and neighbors of the Bridgertons. Interior shots of their home also use RAF Halton. You may recognize interior images from the Hatfield House. Movies like Enola Holmes, The Favourite, and Rebecca utilized Hatfield House as romantic backdrops. We only get to see the doors the Featherington's home, and they are from a museum in Bath called No 1 Royal Crescent.

The Queen's Residence

Queen Charlotte's home had to be impressive. So the producers chose a palatial castle built in the 1500s, Hampton Court Palace. Wilton House was one of the homes used for interiors. Lancaster House is a mansion in the West End of London near Buckingham Palace; the house's stunning interiors became gorgeous backdrops for the Queen and Mad King George.

Duke and Duchess of Hastings Country Home

When Simon and Daphne got married, they spent their honeymoon in the fictional Clyvden Castle. Castle Howard became the couple's love nest, and additional interiors from Wilton House and Badminton made appearances. The majority of the interior shots from Clyvden took place at North Mymms Park. The park is a mere 30 minutes outside of London, and it is one of England's most beautiful country estates.

When Bridgerton premiered on Netflix, it stole my heart. The series captivates the soul with longing looks and eternal love—and the stunning filming locations are particularly enthralling. These gorgeous country homes are available for weddings and events. You can steal a bit of the Bridgerton magic for your destination wedding when you choose one of these fantastic wedding venues from Netflix's Bridgerton.

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