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Wedding Locations Guaranteed to Leave You Smitten

If you are dreaming of a destination wedding, you are a good company. Every year more and more couples are choosing to fulfill their wedding dreams by getting married in an extraordinary destination. The most significant decision you will make for your wedding is choosing the right destination. It's hard to narrow down the list when primarily, the world is your oyster. Selecting the perfect destination can take months of back and forth. Pick a place that enchants you! I am going to share destination wedding locations that are guaranteed to leave you smitten.

Tuscany & Florence

Italy is stunning; my favorite part of Italy is Florence. If you love farm to table food, excellent wine, and hundreds of years of history and art, you will love Tuscany and Florence. Get married at a vineyard, at an art gallery, or outside with a view of the Ponte Vecchio...each would be stunning.

Jessie's Tip: Buying out a large villa in Tuscany is an excellent and cost-effective way to keep your group together. I love the Villa Bordoni; it has stellar rooms, excellent wine, and an exceptional chef.

Valley of Fire in Nevada

The sensational Valley of Fire is set off by deep gorges carved by rolling rivers and thousands of years. Shifting dunes born during the ages of dinosaurs could be the backdrop of the biggest day of your life! Imagine stunning wedding pictures posed in front of gigantic sandstone formations.

Jessie's Tip: Plan for a sunset ceremony; the golden hour makes for the most stunning wedding pictures I have ever seen.

Santorini, Greece

Santorini is picture-perfect; it also happens to be my favorite place on Earth! It's like stepping into a postcard. You will find yourself transfixed by the sheer loveliness from the moment you arrive. Weddings in Santorini combine perfect sunsets, amazing resorts, and ouzo. What could be better than that? If you want to learn more about Santorini, read our Santorini is Superb for Romance.

Jessie's Tip: Oia has whitewashed houses carved into the rugged clifftops, overlooking a vast caldera filled with water. It is the best location on the island. Bonus Tip: Couples love the Executive Suite with Cave Pool at the Canaves Oia Suites!

Bali, Indonesia

Spiritual couples will love a wedding to Bali! Gorgeous beaches, lush jungles, and marvelous temples await you in Bali. Balinese culture is unique and enthralling. You will want to incorporate a blessing and Balinese dancing into your wedding ceremony. Looking for romantic resorts in Bali? Read our Sexiest Honeymoon Resorts in Bali.

Jessie's Tip: You can split your time between both the jungle and the beach. Read our Sexiest Honeymoon Resorts in Bali.

Ireland (Anywhere in Ireland, it's all gorgeous)

Have you always wanted to be a princess? Even if you did not grow up planning what tiara you would wear on your wedding day, you still should feel like royalty on your wedding day. Nothing will make you feel more special than strolling down a grand staircase to meet the person you love most at the altar of a magnificent castle. Ireland has hundreds of fortifications that would be perfect for your big day. Are you thinking about a honeymoon in Ireland? Read our 8 Perfect and Romantic Nights in Ireland.

Jessie's Tip: I think the most beautiful and authentic castle in Ireland is the Ashford Castle in County Mayo.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Only for couples that demand the best in everything they do, Bora Bora is the ultimate far-flung wedding destination. Perfect, warm cerulean blue waters surround powdery white sand beaches lined with swaying palm trees that will thrill you and your guests. There is a reason that they call Bora Bora the Romance Isle! You can read our Sexiest Honeymoon Resorts in Bora Bora.

Jessie's Tip: The day after your wedding, have your first breakfast as a married couple delivered to your overwater bungalow via canoe. It's a very romantic way to start your life together. You can read our Sexiest Honeymoon Resorts in Bora Bora.

St Lucia

St Lucia is the most romantic island in the Caribbean, at least in my opinion. St Lucia is paradise on Earth because of gorgeous beaches, verdant rainforests, mud baths, and resorts with only three walls.

Jessie's Tip: St Lucia has tons of romantic boutique resorts that would be the perfect size for a wedding buy out. Buy out the resort, and the place is all yours! I recommend the Boucan by Hotel Chocolat or the Ladera.

Marrakech, Morocco

Oh, Morocco! The magical and mystical appeal has entranced the hearts of travelers for years. Morocco will stay at the top of our list for destination weddings no matter how much time passes! Morocco has long been inspiring wedding decor. The inspired decor is ok, but you can immerse yourself in the real deal! Do you dream of wandering the crowded medinas or riding a camel down the aisle? Tying the knot in Morocco is going to be a visual eye-candy. If you want to learn more about Morocco, read our Dreamy & Romantic Cities in Morocco.

Jessie's Tip: Don't do a regular hotel, fully immerse yourself in Moroccan culture by staying at a locally owned riad. I love Riad Kniza or Riad Karmela Princesse; both are excellent.

Los Cabos

Fun in the sun is what Los Cabos is all about. There is a 20-mile string of cozy hotels, award-winning golf courses, winding horse trails, whale watching, and white-sand beaches. Don't miss the iconic rock arch at Land's End! The deep-blue waters of the Pacific and the Sea of Cortez meet there for some genuinely spectacular waves. The waves are so impressive that most of the beaches in Cabo are not swimmable; make sure you let your guests know that before they arrive, so they won't be disappointed. You can read our Sexiest Honeymoon Resorts in Los Cabos.

Jessie's Tip: Tired of watching couples release doves or butterflies at their wedding? One-up them by releasing baby turtles back into the sea during your wedding. Just imagine the Instagram love you will receive!

Paris, France

The City of Lights is an idyllic honeymoon spot; many consider it the most romantic city in the world. Paris is also a stunning and magical backdrop for a destination wedding. You can choose a quiet, intimate courtyard or a 5-Star hotel fit for a queen, or something in between. Paris is simply perfection!

Jessie's Tip: Have a legal courthouse ceremony in the US before you leave for your wedding tip. France has a 40-day residency requirement to have a legal wedding ceremony.

Venice, Italy

I know everyone says that Paris is the most romantic city in the world, but I'm afraid I have to disagree. I think Venice is THE fairy-tale destination wedding site. Every second in Venice is full of romance. Spend your days sailing the canals in gondolas or getting lost strolling the winding streets on foot. At night you will dance with your new spouse in St Marks Square.

Jessie's Tip: If possible, choose a hotel on the Grand Canal. If you require that A-List treatment, head to the Aman Venice; George and Amal Clooney got married at this lovely 16th Century Palace.

These are my favorite destination wedding locations. Each is special in its way. Picking a destination for your wedding is a big commitment — after all, it’s a milestone you, your family, and your friends will remember forever. Your wedding should be as unique as you are, so choose a destination that will leave you smitten.

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