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Which Caribbean Island Fits You Best (Part 5)

Photo by Romello Williams on Unsplash

When I started this series of articles, I planned on doing 3, then I added a 4th and now I am adding a fifth. The plan was to concentrate on the creme de la creme of the Caribbean Islands, but I kept feeling bad when I had to leave islands off the list entirely. I finally came to the realization about what this series of articles is supposed to be about! It's supposed to be about YOU! It's not about me telling you which islands are the best; it's about giving you the tools and knowledge to make that decision for yourself. Your perfect fit may not be (and probably won't be) my perfect fit. And that is okay. It's actually better than ok. I can't help you find your dream island without including all the tourist islands. So now it's time for Part 5 of "Which Caribbean Island Fits You Best".


Perfect for divers

Belize is blessed with the world's second-largest barrier reef; which stretches the length of the country. From toucans and jaguars to stunning beaches and Mayan Ruins. Belize is a thrilling and diverse destination. Divers flock to the Great Blue Hole to witness the superb underwater world.

Resorts Jessie recommends for Belize: Blancaneaux Lodge, Turtle Inn, and Cayo Espanto.

St Kitts and Nevis

Perfect for barefoot luxury (& playing with monkeys)

Sweeping views, plantations, and playful monkeys abound in these two mountainous sister islands. Spend your days snorkeling the warm turquoise waters, hiking the flourishing paths, or sipping cocktails at your private cabana. St Kitts and Nevis are small enough to see in a day, but you will most like want to spend a lifetime exploring these Caribbean gems.

Resorts Jessie recommends for St Kitts and Nevis: Park Hyatt St Kitts, Paradise Beach Nevis, and Four Seasons Nevis.

My family at Grand Cayman (Yes, I'm very sunburnt)

The Caymans

Perfect for families and couples alike (& people that want tax shelters)

The Caymans are small and out of the way, but they offer a bunch. You will never get bored in the Caymans. Diving, golfing, swimming with stingrays, birdwatching, shopping or lazy days spent at the beach...whatever you do it will be fun and memorable. My boys still talk about the stingrays swimming by their feet!

Resorts Jessie recommends for the Caymans: Klimpton Seafire Resort and Spa, Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman, and Westin Grand Cayman.

St Maarten

Perfect for people that want to get blown off a beach by airplanes (oh and beaches)

St. Maarten has 37 white sandy beaches each with its own personality. Cupecoy Bay Beach is dotted with caves and cliffs making it perfect for people that want to explore. Maho Bay Beach is located near the airport. It is perfect for filling planes flying overhead, but not great for swimming! One of St. Maarten’s more private strands is Simpson Bay Beach, a long half-moon of white sand set between a fishing village and the sea. The enclosed lagoon at Simpson Bay ensures that water skiing is excellent. Windsurfing, parasailing, and fishing are also exceptional in St Maarten. One of my favorite beaches is Orient beach. It's a little quieter than some of the better-known beaches but it is simply perfection.

Resorts Jessie recommends for St Maarten: Secrets St Maarten, Sonesta Ocean Point, and La Samanna Resort & Spa.


Perfect for people who love France

Martinique is a little piece of France situated in the middle of the Caribbean. Picture croissants and palm trees. It's perched on a live volcano, to keep your blood pumping! Martinique is the definition of refined and elegant. It's also off the beaten path.

Resorts Jessie recommends for Martinique: Le Cap Est Lagoon & Spa, French Coco, and Hotel Le Pagerie.

This has been part 5 of my Which Caribbean Island Fits You Best. And I think there is going to be 1 more. Gosh, there are a ton of Caribbean Islands! You can read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 to see all the islands

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