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You Won't Choose an Ordinary Hotel Again

Travel lovers get a kick out of new and novel experiences — it's part of travel's everlasting appeal, after all. Around any corner is an unexpected, fun, enlightening surprise. Seasoned travelers often try to find off-the-beaten-path places to check out, trying to find "the next" best beach, mountain, urban, or rural destination.

One thing that travelers sometimes overlook is the options for unusual, quirky accommodations. They might spend months planning what to see and do — but then they choose a typical hotel. There's nothing wrong with doing that— but if you're up for an adventure, check out these outside-the-box accommodation ideas from around the world. I guarantee you will never choose an ordinary hotel ever again.

Sleep with the Fishes

Were you obsessed with Disney as a child? I wanted to be Ariel from The Little Mermaid, so bad that I dated a guy named Eric for two years. Now you don't have to be able to breathe underwater to live out your mermaid fantasies. Multiple resorts offer undersea accommodations. Imagine watching dolphins and sharks play from your hotel room!

Live Out a Childhood Fantasy

Remember watching Blue Lagoon as a kid and thinking that it looked like the most incredible adventure ever? Treehouses are not just for kids! There are plenty of options that look like something pulled directly from your fantasies, from the Amazon jungles to all-encompassing tamarind trees overlooking the South China Sea.

An Ice Hotel

The cold is not for everyone. If you're strictly a beach babe, a hotel made of ice might not be for you. But if you find the Northern Lights, cultures, and winter wonderland fascinating, spending a weekend snuggled waiting for the Spring might be your dream. Many of these hotels are exceptionally luxurious, with high-end restaurants, spas, and even wedding chapels located right in the structures themselves.

Pamper Yourselves with an Overwater Bungalow

When you close your eyes and picture your next romantic vacation, do you imagine clear blue water enclosed by gorgeous terrain and very few people? Do you envision relaxing with your better half on the veranda of your private villa, perched over the water, with schools of fish swimming around your porch? Not surprisingly, overwater bungalows have become one of the most popular types of romantic luxury hotels!

The Ultimate in Recycling

Considering overnight hotels well beyond historic buildings' remodeling, people worldwide have discovered unexpected objects, transportation, and natural spaces. They have transformed them into comfy, lovely places to spend the night: train cars, airplane hangars, caves, lighthouses, windmills, boats. The only limit is the imagination.

Live in a Bubble

Bubble Hotels burst on the scene in 2018, and they are here to stay for good. A bubble room is an inflatable, climate-controlled transparent. It affords guests unobstructed views of nature indoors' comfort without dealing with bugs and temperature variables.

Warm Your Toes in an Igloo

Indulge in the snuggly warmth of a log cabin while enjoying amazing 360-degree views. Take in the beautiful pictures of the Aurora Borealis from the comfort and privacy of your glass igloo. It is the perfect choice for couples that want to immerse themselves in an Arctic wonderland.

Channel Your Inner Royal

If only the kings and lords of the days gone by had Instagram in mind when they commissioned their castles — or perhaps they did. Either way, you're sure to get a few Insta-worthy shots when you honeymoon in a royal chateau. Even if you aren't Harry or Meghan, you deserve the royal treatment! The best part: (most) of them are affordable.

Camping for People Who Don't Like Camping

Want fresh air, awe-inspiring views, cozy fires, wildlife — without the crick in your neck or the twigs in your morning coffee? You could try "glamorous camping," otherwise known as glamping. Spend the night in wall-tents, yurts, teepees, or island huts that feature nothing but the most luxurious amenities.

Are you ready to take on vacation and rest your head in a space that's definitely outside the normal? I can inspire, and I can help you find it in your dream location. It's time to think outside the (hotel) box; you never have to settle for the ordinary again!

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