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What the clients asked tor…

When Megan & Mike came to Trips to Cherish they were frustrated with trying to plan their wedding. They worried that they wouldn’t be able to plan their honeymoon at the same time. They didn’t know where they wanted to go, but they did want a lovely beach and lovely scenery and all-inclusive.


What we booked for them

We started out very broad by looking at multiple Caribbean Islands as well as a variety of resorts. Slowly we narrowed down the island to Aruba.  Megan and Mike were most attracted to larger resorts that had 5-star amenities and plenty of variety in their restaurants and activities.  We took care of all their honeymoon needs ensuring that they would not have any worries.


In their words…

"Jessie planned our honeymoon and did such an amazing job! All we knew was that we wanted to go somewhere warm with a beach and clear water and all-inclusive. She asked us questions to help narrow it down, and after we settled on a location, she sent us lots of resort options until we found one we loved. Aruba was beautiful and everything we had hoped! Jessie scheduled it all! It was such a relief to have it all in her hands. She booked the resort, our flights, and even had transportation set up. We downloaded her app, which had all of our travel info right there on it; very handy. Should we ever go on another trip like this (I hope we do!), we will definitely use Trips to Cherish! Jessie is super quick to respond to all emails and answer all questions (and we had a lot haha). When our honeymoon was approaching, she also sent us info on Aruba so we would be fully prepared. Jessie was a joy to work with and we cannot recommend her enough!"




What the clients asked for…

When Cheryl & Jonathan came to Trips to Cherish, they were very frustrated with honeymoon planning. They had been looking on their own for a while and couldn’t see to agree on anything more than they wanted a beautiful beach honeymoon. Matthew wanted a more adventurous trip and Cheryl wanted to meet locals and experience their culture.


What we booked for them…

After talking to the couple, we looked at several beach destinations, including: Europe, Hawaii and the Caribbean. But nothing pleased them both until we suggested South America. Knowing we were finally on the right track we looked at several different countries and finally settled on Brazil. In Rio, Cheryl got to meet locals, tour favelas, and learn to Samba, and Jonathan to climb Sugar Loaf Mountain, traverse a jungle and fly over a waterfall. And they both got to spend lazy days at one of the world’s most famous beaches, Copacabana Beach.


In their words…

"When I first started planning our honeymoon, I didn’t even know what continent we would be visiting and was overwhelmed by the options. Jessie listened to what my fiancé and I wanted out of our vacation, a beach trip with a few lazy days and a few active days, and she understood the budget and time we could afford. She helped us narrow our trip from continent, to country, to city, and then to hotel. Jessie gave us plenty of options to choose from and all were well researched and in our price range. She even arranged for the excursions we took and worked with the concierge to have champagne and chocolates in our room when we arrived. She really cared that we enjoy our honeymoon to the fullest and followed up with us on our experiences shortly after we got back. Working with Jessie was such a great experience; I would recommend that she help you plan your special trip!"

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What the clients asked for… 

Brittany & Matthew were busy professionals that not only were planning a wedding, but also planning a move to Florida. They wanted a romantic honeymoon in France, that focused on 2 of their favorite things: food and wine. They wanted to explore the Champagne Region as well as Provence, but were unsure how to get everything they wanted on their budget.


What we booked for them

We booked a 2-week exploration of France starting in Paris (naturally) and ending in Provence. We mixed in well-known landmarks (hello Eiffel Tower) with lesser-known gems (a private picnic on the Loire River).  In Provence, they stayed in a16th Century Chateau and were given a 4-category upgrade to the romantic suite. We ensured that they had time alone as well as time to explore the French Countryside and see everything that was on their bucket list.


In their words…

"Couldn't recommend more highly. Jessie planned the absolute best honeymoon for us! When a few (very small) hiccups happened, Jessie was extremely responsive and answered nearly immediately to solve the problem. Which, considering there was a 6 hour time difference, is incredible!"

eiffel tower



What the clients asked for…​

When Megan & Frank came to Trips to Cherish, they knew they wanted to hike the Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu. But had no idea where to begin the planning.


What we booked for them…​

We booked the Megan and Frank into a small group trek with an experienced Machu Picchu guide. After arriving in Cusco, they started their 4-day trek to Machu Picchu. After returning to Cusco, we arranged for them to stay for 3 nights in a 5-star wellness resort. They were able to relax and reconnect after their adventurous trek.


In their words… 

"We absolutely LOVE Jessie and Trips to Cherish! She set us up on an amazing trip to Peru. We knew what we wanted to do, but had no idea where to start. Jessie took care of setting up all reservations and transportation needs. She recommended a trek she had been on before and gave us helpful tips about what to pack and what we should prepare for. We had an issue with our flights while in Peru, therefore missing out transport to the hotel. Jessie answered almost immediately and helped us get to where we needed to be! We recommend Trips to Cherish for all your travel needs, we will be definitely be using them in the future!"

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