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Effortless Travel

Once you have discussed the type of vacation experience you desire with us, we take care of every detail of your itinerary so that you can travel with the ease of mind that comes from knowing that every detail of your trip has been taken care of for you. In addition, all you have to do is contact us by phone or email for any assistance (if needed) during your travels.


Bespoke Itineraries

Based on the information we obtain from you via our online questionnaire and subsequent discussions, we custom-build your journey to deliver the kinds of experiences that you most desire on your vacation. Through our access to a vast network of prescreened high-quality vendors, we are able to make recommendations that allow you and your loved ones to confidently explore unfamiliar destinations.


Personalized service and VIP treatment 

You receive personalized service starting from the planning stages of your trip and continuing through your return home. Because we understand that your vacation experience is very important to you whether it be a honeymoon, destination wedding, anniversary celebration, or a once-in-a-lifetime bucket list adventure, we routinely leverage our extensive connections in the industry to get you VIP treatment at your travel destinations.


Exclusive Perks

Because of the strong relationships we have developed with many high-quality travel vendors, we often are able to get our clients extra perks, including room upgrades, privileged services, exclusive amenities, and other special touches.


Fulfilled Expectations

Simply show up and your dream journey will unfold! We supply the time, hard work, and expertise required to turn your travel dreams into reality.


We look forward to getting to know you. Please start by filling out our online “Let’s get acquainted” form and scheduling a free consultation call or meeting. During our free consultation, we spend quality time with you discussing your desired experience, specific interests, budget, time constraints, and other needs.



Once you decide that Trips to Cherish best fits your needs, we will request that sign a contract and pay our non-refundable trip planning fee. Our trip design fee starts at $200 per itinerary and is based on the extent of research and services required to make your dream journey a reality.



After we have received your contract and fee, we will begin designing your journey. Using our extensive knowledge of the travel industry and access to special pricing, upgrades, etc., we will work with you to create the perfect itinerary for you at the best possible value.



  • 7 days after you make a deposit on the cost of your trip, you will receive a “What to Expect” email letting you know when we’ll be contacting you about your trip.

  • 14 days after you make a deposit on the cost of your trip, you’ll receive our “Benefits for Our Clients” document letting you know about added value we will provide you at no additional charge.

  • You will receive information about visas, travel documents, and immunizations at least 4 months prior to your travel, which would allow you plenty of time to obtain any required travel documents.

  • Beginning eight weeks prior to your departure date, you will receive a weekly countdown email with information about your destination, resort, and/or cruise ship, including dress code(s), showtimes, and spa menus. We’ll provide you information about restaurants, activities, and excursions. We’ll also make any necessary final itinerary adjustment(s) and book restaurants, private tours, tee times, spa appointments, and other amenities you desire.

  • We provide valuable tips about your travel destination(s), including things to avoid doing at your destination, and locations at your destination(s) where you can get help in the event of an emergency.

  • Our personalized service does not end upon your departure, it continues throughout your vacation and upon your return.



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