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Wedding Planning Proposal

See A Detailed Wedding Planning Proposal

As anyone who has planned a wedding can attest, there are many intricate moving pieces that all must come together in harmony on your special day. Planning a destination wedding can be even more difficult with complicated travel logistics added to the mix. If you are considering a destination wedding but are intimidated by the necessary logistics, we can help. Trips to Cherish is very detailed and organized and will anticipate your wedding needs before you will! After we have gotten to know you and your significant other, we will put together a detailed wedding planning proposal. Our detailed wedding planning proposal will include line items of everything included in your destination wedding. From food to flowers and everything in between, our wedding planning proposal will itemize and organize every last detail of your special day. When you have a professional help handle your destination wedding, everything else just becomes a little easier.

At Trips to Cherish, we are more than just a luxury vacation planner. We are people too who have experienced the challenges and frustrations travel can bring first hand. We care about our clients and want to help. While we work as your vacation planner, our primary function is to create seamless and effortless memories for you and your loved one to share. Whether you are planning a destination wedding, a honeymoon, or simply a much-needed vacation with your significant other, our team is committed to your overall satisfaction. No challenge or holiday is too big or small for us. We take pride in getting to know every couple we work with to create the ultimate dream vacation that will be remembered for a lifetime.

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