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6 Registries to Get Your Honeymoon Paid in Full

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

Your honeymoon is the most important trip you will take in your lifetime, but paying for your fantasy trip can be challenging. As more couples break with traditional wedding registries, more honeymoon registry sites have been popping up. But which one would work best for you? They are all a little different, so here is my quick rundown on the most popular honeymoon registries.


This hybrid registry service aims to bring penalization to registries. An innovative registry platform enables couples to register for everything from wild and exotic adventures to garlic presses. Zola truly allows the registrants to create a comprehensive wish list that both includes and goes beyond traditional registry items.

Best for couples:

Zola is for anyone that needs household items as well as help with their honeymoon.

Honeymoon Wishes

Honeymoon Wishes comes with a multitude of free tools that will help with wedding planning, including down-loadable announcement cards, and an online "thank you" tracker. Honeymoon Wishes was one of the first registries.

Best for Couples:

Honeymoon Wishes is perfect for couples with tons of friends and family.


Introduced on "Sharktank," Honeyfund is the most innovative registry available. It relies on crowdfunding, but it is not specifically for travel. You can register for honeymoon gifts, downpayment for a home, help with student loans or money for the wedding itself.

Best for Couples:

Honeyfund is the best choice if you hope to gather vast amounts of money.

Traveler's Joy

Traveler's Joy has one of the most user-friendly sites. It's easy to give and receive money through them. It is free for couples and any guest that wants to pay with cash or check. But there are processing fees upwards of 3% for any guest that wants to pay with a credit card.

Best for Couples:

Only wanting monetary gifts? Then Traveler's Joy is right for you.


On Tendr, you can create any registry for any event, from a honeymoon to a bar mitzvah, a baby shower to graduation. For a couple requesting money for their honeymoon, you will create an occasion page where they describe your dream trip.

Best for Couples:

Tendr is excellent for couples with varied needs. For example, if you are pregnant on your wedding day, this registry allows you to have your wedding and baby show registry at the same place.

Wanderable (my favorite registry site, although they are all great!)

Wanderable is the most visually captivating and personal honeymoon registry website on the market today. Their storytelling and photography section enables you to bring your vision to life for your friends. They will know what your dream honeymoon entails. You can choose how you receive your gifts, whether it be through gift cards (no fees!), a check, or direct deposit. Other perks? The service also offers a free and convenient iPhone app. The app is perfect if you haven't figured out where you want to honeymoon because their discovery feature allows you to explore the world as you narrow down your choices.

Best for Couples:

Wanderable is fantastic for couples that are open to discovering new places.

There are other honeymoon registries out there, but these six are the best. Easy to work with and reliable, anyone of these registries will help you achieve your perfect honeymoon.

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