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8 Essential Items to Pack for Iceland

Photo by Jonatan Pie on Unsplash

Considering the sheer diversity of adventures available to experience in Iceland, picking and choosing how to spend your time while there can be difficult. There’s the spectacular Gullfloss (golden waterfall), the surreal Crystal Beach, glowing Diamond Beach, and of course, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the tranquil shining waters of the Blue Lagoon. Are you planning a trip to Iceland? Here are 8 essentials you’ll want to make sure you pack.

Jackets are key to enjoying your trip. Unless you plan to spend a ton of time curled up in front of a fire in your resort, you will need to invest in a great jacket.

The biting winds and cool temperatures can take their toll on the heartiest of souls. Warm gloves and hats will allow you to get out and enjoy incredible Iceland.

Scarves are the most versatile outerwear. You can use it to keep your head, chest, ears, neck, and face from feeling the effects of the cold. You will want to emphasize the function over form.

Layering is essential for any outdoor enthusiast. Last time I was in Iceland, the city was experiencing a cold spell, but when we went out to explore the Golden Circle, it was really warm. Having layers that I could put on and take off as I needed.

Good hiking boots are necessary if you want to explore the best that Iceland has to offer. You won't want to get out the next day if your feet are sore and blistered.

I would suggest taking a couple of different swimsuits. While Blue Lagoon is the most famous of Iceland's hot springs, there are numerous springs and natural pools that you will want to take a dip in.

When buying a backpack, you want to make sure that the straps are comfortable and don't dig into your shoulders. If the pack doesn't fit well you are in for a long day!

We can save the planet by decreasing our single-use plastic! Make it a habit to leave footprints and nothing else. If you want to learn more about saving the environment, read my 14 Simple Ways to Reduce Plastic on a Trip and How to be an Eco-Conscious Luxury Traveler.

There’s a lot to think about when planning a trip to Iceland, and I’m here to help! Let’s chat about your interests and build a custom experience that fits your unique needs. If you want to read more about Iceland, check out my A Perfect Honeymoon in Iceland and Iceland Sites You Must See to Believe.

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