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Must-Try Honeymoon Activities in Antigua

When people imagine a Caribbean island, they often see blue-green waters and miles of silky white sand. Evenings spent sampling rum, daiquiris, and Pina Coladas as the sunsets; you can get all this and more on the gorgeous island of Antigua. It is one hundred eight square miles of tropical beauty, which lies a mere 3 hours from Miami. Antigua is home to barefoot indulgence and drool-worthy resorts; it attracts couples desiring a refined vibe on their tropical getaway. Here are the must-try honeymoon activities in Antigua.

Photo by Expedia

Enjoy a glass (or 3) of rum punch, shop, or spend a few hours people-watching at English Harbour.

Hike Boggy Peak

Strap on your hiking boots and head to Antigua's highest point, formally known as Mt Obama. You won't want to miss these views!

Photo by Fanfo on Shutterstock

Eat Like a Local

Antigua's national dish is Fungi & Pepperpot. Fungi is cornmeal based while pepperpot is more of a soup with green leafy vegetables, seasonings, and meat.

New Day; New Beach

Antigua is home to 365 different beaches. It doesn't matter if you like intimate coves where you will have complete privacy, party beaches, or something in between. Antigua is home to a beach you will love.

Photo by Michelle de Villiers on Shutterstock

Take a Dip at Stingray City

On the East side of the island, you will find Stingray City. The stingrays come and go as they please. The stingrays and are quite friendly, even playful. They will eat from your hand.

Sail Into the Sunset

Hop into a luxury catamaran to circumnavigate the island. Sip champagne as you watch the sun gently sets over the Caribbean Sea. It's a lovely and romantic evening.

Photo by Sean Pavone on Shutterstock

Get Some Retail Therapy at Redcliffe Quay

Redcliffe Quay is an intimate district that attracts art lovers looking for things to do in Antigua. You will find boutiques, shops, and art galleries. It is the place to find souvenirs that will tickle your fancy.

Discover the Mysterious Caves in Barbuda

The limestone island of Barbuda is 20 minutes off the coast of Antigua; it has caves that more adventurous couples will adore. These include Darby Dave's massive sinkhole and Two Foot Bay and its unusual fauna, birds, iguanas, and bats.

Photo Babeaudufraing on Shutterstock

Make New (Donkey) Friends

More than a hundred ill or hurt donkeys have discovered solace at the Donkey Sanctuary. Animal lovers will adore getting to pet and care for these adorable foundlings! You can also donate to the Sanctuary to support its efforts to cater to the donkeys' needs.

Photo by Svitlana Minazova on Shutterstock

Take to the Waves

Antigua's holiday is the perfect time to learn something new, like windsurfing or kite surfing. Paddleboarding lessons are also available. As skilled instructors, you don't need previous experience because professional instructors are available to teach you how to navigate the calm Caribbean waters.

Zip Above the Treetops

Antigua offers plenty of fun things to see and do. Still, few are as thrilling as zip-lining and canopy adventure that will grant you a fantastic view of the lush island.

Photo by Sandals Grande Antiguan

Do Nothing

Yes, Antigua offers lots of fun activities, but it is also an island that lends itself well to relaxing and rejuvenating. Spend hours snuggled up in your private pool overlooking the lovely Caribbean Sea.

Antigua, the island of 365 beaches, invites lovers of sand-soaked shores to enjoy sand and surf. Forming a part of the Leeward Islands, Antigua offers a distinct adventure-filled escape. There is so much to see and do, and I could write dozens of blogs about the must-try honeymoon activities.

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