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Reasons Why You Need to Plan a Villa Trip

Some trips (and clients) require breathing room. For these trips—commemorating a milestone, seeking seclusion, or partying the night away – renting a private villa could be the answer to your prayers.perfect fit. Luxury villas are ideal for a plethora of trips, honeymoons, destination weddings, family reunions, or friends traveling together. Villas can be in the middle of bustling cities or the middle of nowhere. They can cozy apartments perfect for duos; villas can be castles with dozens of bedrooms, and anything in between. Do you find yourself missing the comforts of home on vacation? Then a villa might be just what you are looking for to experience your dream trip. Why rent a private villa? Let me count all the reasons.

Large Comfortable Indoor Spaces

Bali Villa on Luxury Retreats

Hotel rooms are sinking year after year as hotels strive to fit more paying guests into their building. On the other hand, a private rental will afford you tons of personal space. You will have separate living and sleeping areas. Vacationing in a villa will leave you with so many memorable experiences.

Outdoor Living Space

Villa in Santorini on Luxury Retreats

Imagine waking up and stepping onto your private balcony to watch the sunrise over the Eiffel Tower! Or how about adjourning to your patio and enjoying a leisurely breakfast with your family and friends? These memories are impossible to make in a crowded hotel. Even rentals inside busy centers offer more outdoor living space than typical hotels.

Bring Generations Together

Villa in Phuket on Luxury Retreats

Villas are a superb choice for groups! You can spend your days exploring the destination in small groups, and your evenings together sharing your experiences. Villas work well because families have chill space to be alone and big areas to hang out. Also, villa rentals are exceptionally child friendly. Yes, a $5,000 per night price tag for a 20-bedroom villa in Tuscany is jaw-dropping, but share the cost with 20 couples, and the price per twosome is more manageable. Villas are an excellent choice for destination weddings.

Luxury Amenities

Villa in Tuscany on Luxury Retreats

Vacation rentals often have private pools, terraces, hot tubs, full kitchens, outdoor grills, fire pits, secluded beaches. I had a wedding group that went to Phuket. Most of the guests we happy to laze at the beach or their infinity pool all day, but a few wanted to explore. I found them a 10-bedroom villa that came equipped with a chauffeur. If you are looking for something special, we can find a villa that ticks all of your must-have boxes.

Enviable Locations and Privacy

Villa in Barbados on Luxury Retreats

Rentals can be mansions, castles, overwater bungalows, or penthouses. They all have in common: coveted locations. Are you seeking seclusion, but still want to be in the middle of the action? A rental is an answer to your dilemma. Wouldn't it be incredible to step from the beach in the Amalfi Coast without fighting other guests for the last beach cabana?


Villa in St. Lucia on Luxury Retreats

In this time of a pandemic, wouldn't you love knowing that you can get away from everything without the risk of being infected with a virus? That peace of mind is available at a private rental. You also won't have to worry about theft.

Comfort and Pampering

Amalfi Coast Villa on Luxury Retreats

There is a misconception that vacation rentals can not offer you the amenities and comforts of a resort. This misconception is untrue. Villas compete with and in many surpass luxury resorts. Many offer a full staff that is at your beck and call. Butlers, maids, private fitness and yoga coaches, drivers, massage therapists, etc. are options in tons of destinations. Private chefs prepare all your meals; they stock the villa with the foods that fit your preferences. You will not lack for pampering at a villa. There is a good chance that you won't ever want to leave.

Authentic Experiences

Maldives Villa on Luxury Retreats

Many hotels have a cookie-cutter feel. Sometimes, a resort is so big and so Americanized that it doesn't allow you to sense of the destination. Villa rentals provide you an opportunity to find a temporary home that genuinely represents the destination. You will spend your days immersed in a local culture surrounded by staff that will be delighted to introduce their home.

The Best of Both

Big Island Villa on Luxury Retreats

What if you don't want to lose out on the entertainment and activities offered at resorts? No worries, travelers seeking the seclusion of a private home with all the extras provided at a hotel should consider villa on a hotel's grounds. You have space and privacy, but when you take a class or see a show, they are there.

At Trips to Cherish, I work exclusively with professional management companies, not individual owners, so you never have to worry about our rentals' reliability. I want to ensure that you have a smooth and seamless process. If something goes wrong, we will have professional managers to address issues, not owners who have no reason to correct them.

I love private villas and recommend them to clients all the time. I usually choose a villa when I travel. I went to Bali in 2018, and I did a villa in Ubud. It was one of the best travel experiences of my life. I never had to lift a finger for the whole two weeks. The staff was attentive and unobtrusive. If you are looking for a unique and immersive trip, you can't go wrong renting a villa.

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