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What Is the Best Fiji Resort for Your Honeymoon?

Tahiti gets most of the attention regarding honeymoon islands to epitomize an ideal paradise. But its excellence is not unmatched. The South Pacific is home to a myriad of spectacular islands. And they are way less crowded. You'll see mind-blowing coral reefs, silky white sand beaches lined with swaying coconut palms, green hills, and even a waterfall or two. Fiji is a magical landscape brought to life. Journeying to idyllic Fiji is surprisingly accessible from the U.S. The flight from LA to Fiji's main airport departs at night and arrives on the island 11 hours later. You'll wake up ready to kick off your honeymoon without wasting any time.

Fiji is home to some of the world's most luxurious resorts, but which would be the best for you? Fijian resorts are smaller and more private, and they do not lack romance. Fiji has some of the sexiest resorts around, with a blend of superior amenities and unmatched seclusion. So how do you choose? I will reveal the best Fiji hotel for your honeymoon.

Best for Couples Who Love Watersports

Kokomo offers many luxe features you'd expect from a top private island resort. You will find infinity pools, outstanding food & wine, solitude in spades—but the leg up they have on the nearby hotels is their proximity to the Great Astrolabe Reef. The coral reef is one of the largest and most pristine in the world. Whether you love snorkeling or SCUBA diving, Kokomo can easily tailor the adventure to your desires.

Best for Stunning Views Overwater Bungalows

This resort's luxurious over-water bures (Fijian villas) offer spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. The bures are similar to those in the Maldives or Bora Bora. Sunbathe on your villa's spacious deck. Swim in the azure ocean waters directly off your deck. There is no end to the fantastic activities the resort offers: snorkeling, surfing, diving, sunset cruises, beach picnics, and more.

Best for Ultra-Luxury Lovers

The 3,460-acre island has plenty of private nooks and crannies, allowing for lots of alone time. Laucala is one of the most luxurious resorts in the world. It offers twenty-five thatched-roof villas spread out on the island's coconut groves and beachfront; each comes with its infinity pool. They provide unmatched exclusivity and very different settings. Choose from overwater, beachfront, or hilltop bungalows carved into the volcanic cliffs; each comes with outdoor showers, private pools, and butler service.

Best for Adventurous Couples

If you and your sweetheart love heart-pumping adventure, then look no further than the stunning Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort. Jacques Cousteau's son, Jean-Michel, runs the dive shop! As you probably imagine, this resort puts a premium on exploring the incandescent ocean floor. But they don't forget overwater escapades. Available for all guests are kayaks, paddleboards, a glass-bottom boat, and a brilliant catamaran. If you want to get away from saltwater, head out for a waterfall hike. Are you dreaming of lying on a sun-kissed beach every day of your honeymoon? Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort isn't the best choice for you.

Best for Private Beach Lovers

Turtle Island is an all-inclusive resort with 14 romantic bures and 14 white-sand beaches. Yes, you can have a beach all to yourselves. Turtle Island is a private paradise with a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. The staff certainly do everything they can to make your vacation effortless. Romantic, intimate, luxurious, secluded, it's all available at Turtle Island. It also offers a wide variety of activities if you get tired of relaxing. Turtle Island is a complete escape from the daily grind.

Best for Laidback Couples

Proceed with caution: a mere 5 minutes on this privately-owned escape, and you will be googling: "How to immigrate to Fiji." Vomo is two islands with remarkable stretches of perfect sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. Add first-class service and incredible cuisine, and you definitely won't want to leave. Vomo is the ideal resort for couples that relax away from the crowds.

Best for Seclusion

Royal Davui Island Fiji is ideal for honeymooners that want privacy and seclusion. It is an exclusive adults-only resort located in the stunning Beqa Lagoon. You will find perfect white beaches, turquoise waters, and tall swaying palms silhouetted against the setting sun. Unhurried and stress-free, you’ll feel a million miles from modern living.

Best for Spa Lovers

The Six Senses beaches here are perfect. There's nothing wrong with lounging in the sun for days on end. Unwind and relax with outstanding service and a vast range of delicious treats. Six Senses lies near the iconic Cloudbreak surfing site. Feel good about spending time and money at the Six Senses due to their commitment to sustainability and wellness. Need to recuperate after the wedding? Head to the spa; it is one of the best in the South Pacific. The treatments draw on Six Sense's global footprint while utilizing local Fijian ingredients and traditions.

Best for Romantics

After planning your wedding, it's normal to feel a little drained—luckily, all you have to do at the incredible Namale Resort is show up, and romance ensues. The all-inclusive hotel offers marvelous sandy beaches, a fabulous spa, and many outdoor adventures for couples. A 4 to 1 staff to guest ratio ensures pampering. Concerns fly out the window as soon as you arrive at Namale.

Best for Couples That Want to Hang with Locals

Fiji's spectacular resorts require a flight or helicopter ride, but Fiji Marriott is a quick taxi ride away from the international airport. It is the only Fijian mainland resort to offer overwater bungalows—a total plus! You can expect all the bells and whistles like multiple restaurants, room service, multiple pools, plenty of daily activities, and entertainment in the evenings. The best part is that you can use points to book!

No doubt, Fiji is the perfect destination for honeymooners who desire exclusivity, privacy, and romance. I don't say this just as a travel consultant; I'm also a fan. Fiji is my favorite tropical destination in the world! Given a chance, you will fall in love with Fiji when you pick the best resort for you.

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