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Quarantine Date Ideas for People in Love

I have lost count of how long we have been social distancing. I think we are at about eight weeks now, right? The states are beginning the slow process of opening back up, but it will still be a while before we can return to life as usual. And I think that there will always be a BC (before Coronavirus) and AC (after Coronavirus) times. Things will never be quite the same as they were before. That doesn't mean things will be worse; it just means that things will be different. I don't know if I will ever tailgate without a mask again. Different doesn't mean disconnected from your loved ones; you can use these challenging times to connect in a more meaningful way with your sweetie. I hope you're ready for more quarantine date ideas for people in love.

Photo by Patrick Langwallner on Unsplash

Get some culture. Take a virtual tour of art galleries and museums. Since social distancing began, I have spent time at the Louvre, Uffizi, and the Met. Have you been getting any culture?

Create a routine. Working from home can be distracting. Choose a method that works for you and your life and stick to it. I start each morning in the same way; I journal, meditate, and then have breakfast. Afterward, I start work. I have set hours for blogging and doing itineraries. My routine can change (I don't have any trips to plan right now), but I stick with my schedule. It keeps me from feeling adrift and out of control.

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Dance like no one is watching mainly because no one is. Satisfy your wanderlust at the same time but having an at-home dance party using music from around the world.

Develop an attitude of gratitude. You can't change the situation, but you can change how you respond to it. Start a gratitude journal. Record 3 things you are grateful for every day. It doesn't have to be significant. I was thankful for socks because my feet were cold. When you notice the small things in life, you will survive the big stuff easier.

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Make your drive-in movie theater. Hang up a sheet, use your phone as a projector and add in a cozy sweet spot to cuddle. Outside is great if the weather is good, but inside works too. Maybe this time next year you will be in Greece and you can watch movies outside your private villa!

Make it a group date (via Zoom, of course) and host lip sync battle night at your place. You can find lip sync versions of songs on YouTube!

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Watch the sunset together. Are you one of those freaky couples that like to get up early you can always watch the sunrise together.

Exchange pedicures. Break out the foot scrub, lotion, and nail polish to give your sweetie the best at-home foot massage and pedicure experience ever.

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Get your 9 and a Half Weeks on with a blind taste test. One of you puts on a blindfold while the other feeds. You can up the sexy factor with music.

Have an Outbreak Movie Marathon. Is that a little too morbid for you? I think that you have to have fun with the situation, or you might go crazy. I love suspenseful movies, so combining reality with some outstanding films sounds like a fantastic idea. Pass the popcorn! You can start with Outbreak, Containment, 93 Days, The Rain, Contagion, and Night of the Living Dead. You can stream all of these fantastic movies and shows at home and avoid the pandemic outside.

This blog is my ninth in a series about surviving social distancing together. I thought this would be a much shorter series of blogs, but here we are. And I think there will be several more blogs in this series. I am on a mission to help people in love grow together and not apart. As long as social distancing is a thing, I will continue to help you find ways that you can do that from the safety of your house. If you missed any of my earlier blogs in this series, you could read the others here Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, and Part 8.

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